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Exploring And Defining Plagiarism Essay

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plagiarism generally originates from Greek word plagion and Latin word plagium, plagiarius. Pagium means kidnapping and plagiarius means kidnapper. This word was pioneered by Roman poet “MARTIAL”, when he complained that another poet had kidnapped his verses. This word was introduced in to English by a dramatist “BEN JONSON” in early 1601 to describe someone is guilty of literary theft. The derived form plagiarism was introduced into English in 1620

Intentionally or unintentionally presenting someone else’s word language ideas or other original material without clearly referring or acknowledging the source is called plagiarism.

Types of plagiarism:
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Poor time management: student who has a tendency of doing everything at the last minute they don’t have enough time to go through a proper research work. Even if they manage to do a proper research work they might end up messing it up with paraphrasing, quoting, citing.

Laziness: sometime student not wanting to make the effort to look up for research materials or a piece of information.
Not being careful: when a student does his/her research work may not have been careful enough to take fully documented notes.

Abuse of internet: the advantage of internet slightly increased the rate of plagiarism because they find that it’s a good way of searching and copying related topics. Moreover not having the idea about copyright infringement.

How to avoid plagiarism:
Have proper education about plagiarism: Students should have proper knowledge about plagiarism, like what is it? Why it happens? Etc. There are thousands of articles, books, and websites written about it they should take a look at those for more information.
Manage your time: if you want meet a deadline start work this way you will get more time for doing your research work and writing
Start documenting: to avoid plagiarism student should start documenting as early as they start their research work

Paraphrase, cite and quote properly: stop using someone else’s word and...

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