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Exploring Aspects Of Parables Essay

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Exploring Aspects of Parables

This coursework will look at some of the parables from Luke's gospel
and how Jesus used this method of teaching. I will consider why he
used parables and how they are different from other stories.

I will look at Jesus teaching through some parables which will include
The Good Samaritan, The Lost Son and The Rich Man and Lazarus. I will
examine what message he was putting across to the people and how he
did this through using parables.

Then I will discuss what effect and significance they have on the
belief and life of Christians now. In doing this I will look at how
these teachings can influence people's lives and work and how they can
help us learn how to deal with one another.

Then I will discuss whether these teachings are relevant today.

Part A (i)

What is a parable?

A "parable" is a simple story with a single meaning to it compared to
other stories which may be difficult to understand and may have many
meanings.. The word parable came from the Greek word "parabole" which
means a comparison or an analogy of things. The dictionary definition
of the word parable is "narrative of imagined events used to typify
moral or spiritual relations".1 It is also referred to as "a short
fictitious narrative of something which might really occur in life or
nature, by means of which a moral is drawn; as, the parables of
Christ. - Chaucer."2

Jesus taught by using parables, because they are lifelike and the
people could relate to them through everyday life situations. He used
parables to encourage the people he was teaching to work out the
meaning of the story themselves. Because the meanings were not
explained in the stories people either had to work out the meaning or
ask Jesus to explain it to them. Another reason Jesus presented his
teachings through parables was that they were interesting to listen
to, and also easily remembered. He used them to teach people about
God's Kingdom and to show them that to belong to it they had to accept
God's rule.

He used the parable of the Sower, which is slightly different from the
other parables, to show us how different types of people would react
to God's message. He used the seeds that the Sower was using to
represent God's message and different types of ground to represent the
different types of people and their reaction to God's message.

Although there were others before Jesus who used parables he is the
only well known teacher who used them. Jesus used parables like a
modern teacher would use an illustration. Those who didn't listen
properly would not understand the full and deeper meaning of the
parables but only the surface meaning of the...

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