Exploring Class Structures In The Forgotten Garden By Kate Morton

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Humans are a species with great diversity. Individuals come from many different ethnic origins and have different beliefs, but one thing all humans have in common is the fact that they are all affected by class structures. In ¬The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton, she addressed the issue of class structures and its effect on individuals in their respective classes. The effects of class structures were seen as both negative and positive however, that was dependent on which end of the social ladder the respective individual(s) reside. Through classism and colonialism, Morton portrayed class structures as a negative impact on society because it contributed to the belief that the ones with higher social status were able to use their wealth and power over the weaker individuals. Modernity is portrayed to have a positive effect on society for it alleviated the pressures off women to follow the patriarchal rules that were set up for them. The pastoral and integration of fairy tales were depicted to also have a negative effect on society for the nostalgia of a simpler life means that people would be wishing for a time when there were molds that people of certain classes had to follow, and Morton’s use of fairy tales gave the readers the viewpoint of individuals whom were at the bottom end of the social ladder. They had dealt with hardships and sorrows however, no matter what they do, they never seem to find a way to escape the harsh realities of social structures. Lastly, setting and form, ignorance, and education were used to show that depending on where one resides; time period wise, their social status, and ability to gain an education; social structures could either positively or negatively affect society. People were brought up in different cultures and backgrounds therefore, people hold different beliefs and ideologies, and due to this discrimination has always been incorporated in everyone’s daily lives. In The Forgotten Garden, Morton illustrated that despite which classes individuals were born into, the nature of class structures had a positive effect on society, but more often than not, its effects were negative and in many instances, it has led to discrimination.
Classism is the prejudice against people belonging to a particular social class. It has been around since the time of pre-agricultural societies, and its effects on society are more commonly seen as a negative impact. In The Forgotten Garden, Morton portrayed Lady Adeline Mountrachet as the antihero. She was born of a low class and by chance, she was able to acquire the title Lady Mountrachet when Linus Mountrachet decided to court her. Her marriage into the family was a big stepping stone for it was not common for high class individuals to associate with those of the lower classes. With her rise on the social ladder, she had higher expectations for those around her.
Lady Mountrachet may have attempted to banish all mention of the truth long ago –
most who knew it had been terrified...

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