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Exploring Current Marketing Activites Essay

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It is obvious technology plays an important role in a company and their marketing. Announcing new developments and research not only excites loyal customers but gives the opportunity to bring in new customers. In today’s technology driven world new products and ways of making them are advancing. Companies are researching new technology, collaborating with other companies, and marketing their new products long before they hit the market.
Google’s special project unit known as Google X is currently developing contact lenses’ for diabetics. The aim of this product is to test blood glucose levels without the need to prick one’s finger. With the health industry booming and the market for innovative products such as this one, it is easy to see why Google’s special unit is branching out into the medical technology market. According to David Goldman with CNN, this product will not be ready for FDA approval for quite some time. Experts are still unsure if the product will even measure blood sugar levels accurately. These lenses equipped with miniature glucose sensors use tears to measure glucose levels in the blood; however, researchers are still unsure if tears are a reliable source for such measurements.
With the past allegations of company’s and the government collecting user data, and essentially spying on Americans as well as foreign dignitaries, Google and other company’s need to find ways to mend and grow their public and consumer relations. If this new technology works, it will not only certainly grow their relations, but broaden their market range; not to mention revolutionizing diabetic daily sugar testing.
By branching out into other markets, Google is ensuring that the company will not have to rely on a single market and allow itself growth in other markets. Even more intriguing is that if these lenses do work and hit the market, Google will be expanding its customer base and redefining the daily lives of...

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