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Exploring Different Styles Of Popular Music

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Exploring Different Styles of Popular Music

In this project, I aim to explore the different styles of popular
music that have been successful from the 1960s to the present in
Spain, why they have been popular, where they originated from, their
history and what the music is actually like. To find out a type of
music's origins, it is sometimes helpful to know where the country is
to find out where influences could have come from, and even a certain
amount about the country's history. So here is a map of Spain in
context with part of its neighbouring countries.


Chapter 1RockMusicMany people have listened to the music included in
this project, as it spans more than two generations. It has always
been targeted at teenagers and young people, but, as is the case in
many countries, it is being targeted at younger and younger people, so
that now much of the music produced is targeted at 'tweenagers' or
older children. The younger the target audience, the younger the band
members or singers become, so much of the music produced now is sung
or played by younger people than in the 1960s, where this project

Most older music (from 1960 to about 1985) was always played by
professional musicians and singers, whilst much modern music has been
sung by people who were singled out as having the potential to break
through the charts not purely based on their singing or playing
ability but also by the fact that they conform to a certain image
which is popular with the target audience. Also, traditionally (but
especially recently) Spanish rock has been played by older people than
those playing or singing pop.

Popular modern Spanish music plays, and has played, a large part in
influencing culture. It has been used for recreational purposes, and
has always played a large part in young people's lives, to the extent
that even after they have grown up they have continued listening to
the music that they listened to in their youth. It has also been used
for most types of social events; especially those organised by or
planned with young people in mind. Because Spanish popular music can
be divided into many categories (the main ones being pop and rock, but
each of these having many subcategories which will be explored later
in the project), and the fact that each of these categories has a
particular type of style and mood, each type of Spanish popular music
has been used for different types of events, depending on the mood
that the particular style, or individual song sets. Radio and other
forms of media have contributed greatly to the spread and popularity
of Spanish rock and pop since 1960, the main radio station having been
'Los Cuarenta Principales'. Increased airplay meant that pop and rock
music became more widespread, finally dominating the traditional
Spanish 'flamenco'...

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