Exploring How A Teaching About Discipleship Might Affect The Life Of A Christian Today

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Exploring How a Teaching About Discipleship Might Affect the Life of a Christian Today

The role of a disciple continues to inspire men and woman today.
History is marked be people who committed their life to Jesus Christ

In the question, I will explore the lives of the following Christian
disciples, Martin Luther King, Maximillian Kolbe and Sister Eleisha.

Martin Luther King might affect the life of a Christian today because
he is a good example of a disciple. He is a good example of a disciple
because he is dedicated to God and he gave up his life for God, as he
became a Baptist minister. Also in 1955 he led a boycott in
Montgomery, Alabama. Through out his career he pressed for equal
treatment and improved rights for blacks by organizing non-violent
protests. He believed in non-violent protest because he is following
the words of God.

"Love your neighbor as you love yourself". (MK 12:31-32)

King also sacrificed a lot, he gave up life to help black Americans,
and he gave up the security of his family. Martin Luther King was
dedicated to follow Jesus because in 1963 King led a march between
Washington and Lincoln where he delivered a very powerful speech "I
have a dream". This speech tells us that everyone is equal no matter
what their skin colour is but their character will only judge them.
Also in Kings speech he dedicated to follow Jesus because he told us,
"everyone is equal".

King suffered a lot in his time he suffered the cost of discipleship
because his house was bombed, but he believed and depended on God and
he carried on to do what he believed in. King like Christ died for
what he believed in. King believed in Civil rights for everyone no
matter what colour they are. Not all disciples are perfect as Martin
Luther King broke some of the commandments.

The next disciple I have chosen to look at is Maximillian Kolbe as he
was also a good disciple. Maximillian Kolbe was a good disciple
because he accepted the cost of discipleship. He became a priest and
gave up his life of getting married and starting a family. He also
gave up all his possessions and money.

"He must forget self, carry his cross, and follow me". (MK 8:34-35)

This teaching is telling us that...

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