Exploring How Christians Put Their Beliefs About Abortion Into Action

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Exploring How Christians Put Their Beliefs About Abortion Into Action

Abortion is the premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb or an
operation to cause it. In Britain abortion is currently a legal
procedure which is undertaken by thousands of women each year. The
churches have very different views on abortion. The Roman Catholic
Church is against abortion no matter what the circumstances are. The
Quakers and the Anglican Church are more open to abortion. Though they
are against abortion they believe that it is up to the person and the
situation which they are in to decide whether abortion is the right
step to take. Christians have different views on abortion as well.
Some Christians have clear and defined ideas on whether abortion is
right or wrong, others believe that the circumstances of the women is
important and do not think that a clear yes or no answer can be given.
How Christians act with regard to abortion will depend on what they

Christians who are against abortion and are pro-life may show their
views in conversations about abortion, encouraging others to be
pro-life and trying to impose their views on people who are
pro-choice. There are lots of Christian organisations which address
the issue of abortion. A Christian might join a pro - life
organisation, which campaigns against abortion, such as life or SPUC
(the society for the protection of the unborn Child). By doing this
they can talk to others who have the same views and help the
organisation to fight against abortion. Christians might support this
organisation because of their belief that life is sacred. They might
believe that it is wrong to do nothing to stop abortion, because the
Bible teaches about the importance of defending the weak "Rescue the
weak and needy, deliver them from the hand of the wicked"

Their beliefs about abortion might affect the ways in which they vote.
There are some Catholics that put their beliefs in actions by voting
for candidates which have the same pro-life view about abortion as
they do, in the hope that these candidates will act apon his views
against abortion if they get into power.

Christians who have strong views against abortion may take part in
protests. They might take part in marches and other demonstrations,
carrying placards that show their views about abortion. They may even
stand outside abortion clinics and try to persuade people visiting the
clinic to think again before having an abortion. They could write
letters to the Prime Minister, MP’s or to local newspapers and
magazines in order to get their view over to more people.

Christians not only show their views by doing protests but decide to
take part by passive ways such as praying to God. They ask him to help
the foetuses and the pregnant women who are considering abortion to
give them...

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