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This book Amy Carmichael was so interesting for me to read. I chose to read this book because I found out some very intriguing information about Amy and what drove her to be the loving, and kindhearted woman that the people of India saw. I was also curious to read one of Kathleen White’s books because I had heard that her book were very detailed and fun to read. Amy was so self-less and as I said before loving, Amy was able to take care of her siblings without bickering. Amy was also able to get along with her parents fairly well because of her tranquil and easygoing personality.
Who would have a life as what I just described? The answer to that question is Amy Carmichael. Amy Wilson Carmichael was born on December 16, 1867, in Millisle, Ireland, to David and Catherine Carmichael. Amy was the eldest of her seven siblings in this devout Presbyterian family. Once when Amy was a little girl she wished that she had beautiful blue eyes instead of her brown eyes. Her mother and father had always raised their children with the knowledge of asking God for the desires of their hearts. Amy often prayed that God would change her eye color, but it never happened. Soon after Amy’s eighteenth birthday, Amy started a new church named, “Welcome Evangelical Church,” in Belfast. Amy continued to minister at the church until she received a work call. As a result of that call Amy became a missionary. Amy was not a person that had a very healthy childhood, and she carried that trait on with her until she died. At a church convention in 1887, she heard Hudson Taylor speak about the missionary life, and as a result, he was one of the most influential and inspirational people in her life. Amy traveled to Japan, Sri Lanka, and China, but India was where she felt compelled to stay and start a children’s orphanage.
The orphanage that Amy started was the Pivotal point in Amy’s life because if she followed through with the orphanage in India that would be past the point of no return (not saying that she wanted to turn around) and Amy was going to trust and obey God. The orphanage that Amy Carmichael started in India was called, The Dohnavur Fellowship. Dohnavur is located thirty miles from the southernmost tip of India. This fellowship orphanage was established to help the Hindu Temple Children. The Hindu Temple Children were young girls who were dedicated to the gods and forced into prostitution to earn money for the priests. These girls would be given to the temple for a blessing from the gods to the family of the girl. Girls from about the age of two years old and older were forced to look at repulsive books and were taught to do as the book them. Amy started to travel everywhere that these poor little naïve girls were forced to do such wretched actions and she would rescue them from that situation and take the little children back to the orphanage and raise them. Amy shared Christ with those girls and educated them in Him. The...

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