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Exploring Reasons The French Revolution Turned To Terror

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There are three important and distinct reasons for the French Revolution changing from being about the people to a revolution run by fear and terror. The first was the lack of tradition of a republican rule within France. The revolutionaries were simply not experienced enough in running and managing political parties. The second reason was the constantly growing power of the counter revolutionaries. The third reason was due to the ongoing wars with other countries. All these three reasons were the main contributors for making the revolutionaries go from prioritizing freedom, liberty and brotherhood to a state of total chaos and terror.
The France practically changed from being an absolute monarchy to a republic overnight. Everything that the people of France had ever known was changed in a heart-beat. Their once beloved king had just been guillotined and it was now time to set up a new political system. The leaders of the revolution, the Jacobins, imagined a representative government that ruled on the principals of “liberte,” “egalite,” and “fraternity,” liberty, equality and brotherhood. The way that the Jacobins ruled France, however, did not quite turn out as they had originally planned or hoped. The Jacobins’ lack of knowledge of how to run a republic caused them to make harsh and rash decisions that led to countless murders. The growing strength of the counter-revolutionaries only increased the confusion in how to run the government.
The counter-revolutionary opposition rapidly grew in 1789, which created an even greater fear in the revolutionaries. There was now absolutely no space for any sort of opposition. Anyone seen as a treat to the revolution was immediately guillotined, which caused political a ruthlessness in France unlike any other before. In this violent climate one could easily denounced and guillotined on the terms of being against the revolution without any such proof. This made it easy for the Jacobins to get rid of all political rivals. The Jacobins growing fear of the counter-revolutionaries then forced them to create a Committee for Public Safety that claimed to be working to provide all of the revolutionary values....

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