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Exploring Recycling And Alternative Sources Of Power

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Trash is a common subject in the world today. How do dispose of it properly with out harming the environment is tricky. Ways for recycling certain materials has grown more popular, also techniques for cleaner energy is being widely researched. Garbage is a daily chore in every average home. It’s usually overlooked, and people don’t realize how much waste they can produce in one day. A person on average will throw away 4.4 pounds of trash per day. ¶

The definition of waste management is the gathering, separation, and disposing of human produced waste. The recycling of certain materials is a smarter more economical option as well. There are three reasons for waste management. First there would be irresponsible dumping in cities, the forest, everywhere! Second trash will attract disease spreading scavengers and pest. Third the realization of our deteriorating environment has man scrambling to fix, or at lease slow the destruction of earth. Waste wasn’t a problem back then. The population of humans was low, and most materials were biodegradable.( Both ) ¶

As time went on the human population exploded, and so did the production of waste. The filth leads to the bubonic plague, and other diseases. From then on we have been cleaning up a little, than the creation of waste management. In time scientist have created ways to recycle, and reuse materials. Recycling is the reuse of plastic, metal, paper, etc... The options of waste disposal include the land fill which is a large sum of land owned by a company which will cheaply let you drop off your trash. Incineration is the burning of garbage. This technique is becoming obsolete. Composting of food, plants, and paper these biodegradable object decompose naturally under the ground. Mechanical biological treatment is where plastic and glass go through a waste treatment facility and are either melted down or resold. “Recycled glass generates 20% less air pollution and 50% less water pollution.”(NASA) Pyrolysis and gasification is when a solid is heated to a great temperature and is either turned into a liquid or a gas.(Both) ¶

The proper disposal bin you need depends on what you’re going to recycle. Green bins are for grass, leaves, and branches. They are also for rubble, tile, and concrete. Hazardous bins contain dangerous chemicals such as paint, cyanide waste, and acid. Regular recycling bins for paper, plastic, and glass however can be any color when you take them to your local recycling plant. ¶

As people scrambled to find the next best thing to oil, something that would cause no harm to the environment. A Norwegian company called Holmfjord AS could have stumbled on to our next source of energy. The fish population grew smaller in the ocean outside of Porsanger. As a test Holmfjord researched and studied the ways they could restore the seaweed that the sea...

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