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Kinsey’s Research Of Sexual Behavior Essay

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A few nights ago, I was at home surfing the channels trying to find something to watch. I decided to watch Mysteries at the Museum. Ironically, the episode that was airing was talking about the famous book by “Alfred G. Kinsey, an American zoologist” (Zastrow, Pg. 226), also known as the sex doctor. Lucky for me, I found the movie playing on another channel. This had to have been a sign for me to get started on my Social Work homework that was again, ironically, on Kinsey. Before actually watching the movie, I have heard so many things about this man. I thought to myself that this is going to be something like a Kama Sutra type deal, where some man was curious to teach the world the many different ways to have sex.
Normally, I would not talk openly about the subject, much less watch material on it. However, I must say that movie offered some insight as to the past and present attitudes on sexual behavior. In the movie, they show flashbacks of Kinsey as a boy, listening to his father preach about condemning yourself to hell if you masturbate, and that you are killing yourself because “losing an ounce of seminal fluid is as debilitating as if you had lost forty ounces of blood” (Condon, 2004). I was amazed at the things they came up with to scare kids away from self-gratification and what is worse, the things they told them in order to get them to abstain from any form of sex other than god’s way.
In reality, Kinsey was no pervert; he was just a curious scientist, just as Charles Darwin was curious to learn about human evolution. If Kinsey would not have grown up the way he did, where any type of sex that was not god’s way was wrong, he may have been curious about another topic. However, the reality is that he realized that people were turning a beautiful natural experience into a bad thing; he wanted to avoid people having to go through the same fear and embarrassment as he had. Based on Kinsey’s research of sexual behavior of white males across America, he designed what is known as the ‘Kinsey Scale’ and published a book titled ‘Sexual Behavior in the Human Male’ (Zastrow, Pg. 226). The purpose of this scale was to prove that people were not strictly heterosexual or homosexual but rather could be in between the two and could change with time. I have always known that my sexual orientation was heterosexual, no doubt about that. Nevertheless, I did have a few friends who would tell me that they were not sure if they were...

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