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Exploring Sponsorship Strategies For Sporting Goods Brands In China

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Exploring Sponsorship Strategies for Sporting Goods Brands in China
As is well known, nowadays sponsorship takes an increasingly important role in sport revenue. The situation is that, sporting goods brands, including Nike, Adidas and Puma, enjoy high returns by high-investigate sponsorship. “The attitude toward both sponsors is significantly influenced by sponsorship awareness, while the attitude toward the sponsor was the strongest predictor of purchase intentions” (Rui Biscaia, Abel Correia, and Antonio Fernando Rosado, 2013). However, in China, the situation is quite different. In the past, most competitions depended on government allocations; now, however, increasing numbers of commercial competitions are privately held to satisfy the public’s growing demand, but privately held companies have always lacked the experience needed to search, collaborate and profit from sponsorship. (QUE Jian, TAN Ling, 2005) It is a good opportunity for Chinese privately held companies, especially sporting goods brands which are relevant closely to sports games to expand influence and popularity. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to present feasible strategies for Sporting Goods Brands in China to obtain satisfying sponsorships in China.
Studies of sports sponsorship in the US are needed for this research, since the American sports market is the most prosperous in the world. Some classic and more recent works include those of Rui Biscaia, Abel Correia, and Antonio Fernando Rosado, (2013). They highlighted the importance of examining actual sponsors. In addition, a survey is a proper way to collect initial information about the situation in the Chinese sponsorship market. In this process, it is helpful to send out questionnaires to customers to know the sponsor awareness and to sports practitioners to know the situation of sponsor. Once the information of what is needed is collected and analyzed, the issue of sponsorship can be then identified and clarified. After that, corresponding solutions can be proposed and implemented. Subsequently, these solutions can be crystalized as sponsorship strategies, which are common to most sporting goods companies.
The biggest obstacle of this study might be the difference in the actual conditions between the US and China. In China, mega consumers have not developed the habit of consuming sports services. Relatively speaking, attracting enough attention to sponsorship items could be even more difficult in China. (Xinquan Sheena Yang, Robert Sparks and Ming Li, 2008) Moreover, even though the government has not intervened as much as in the past, sporting goods companies still need to obtain necessary resources from the government and learn to continue working with it to keep within the bounds the government has set. When feasible solution is presented, the chasm between the US and China should be considered even greater. Therefore, after admitted the obstacle, the common...

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