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Exploring The Causes Of The Prevalence Of Sickle Cell Anemia In Saudi Arabia

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Sickle cell anemia is the most hereditary and spread blood diseases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to Saudi Health Ministry's statistics, there are 4248 infected children and 54516 genetic carrier of hereditary blood diseases born each year. Treatment of these massive numbers of infected patients cost the state treasury more than 300 million riyal per annum. In the present paper the causes of the prevalence of sickle cell anemia is investigated. It is hypothesized that Endogamy and other social factors of this country plays important role in these massive numbers of infected and genetic carrier people. The following five literature review attempt to demon¬strate and support this hypothesis.

In a research article by Al-Qurashi, El-Mouzan, Al-Herbish, Al-Salloum, Al-Omar. (2005), one specific objective was addressed for guid¬ing the study. This objective was to determine the prevalence and regional distribution of sickle cell disease in Saudi children. This study was done in two years from 2004 to 2005. The researchers based their result on a sample size of 45,682 children and adolescents from newborn to 19 years of age that was selected by multistage random probability sampling of Saudi household from each 13 regions of the country. The results of this study supported my hypothesis by indirect way. These results showed that eastern and southern regions are the most infected areas in Saudi Arabia. These findings correspond somewhat with the results that we have collected, But researchers did not give any reasons or explanations about the massive spread of the disease in these two regions. This leads us to conclude that the study did not link between the patients and the health history of their families. Researcher confined their study on the age group from newborn to the age of 19 years, they focused only on two age phases which are children and teenagers. Researchers didn’t mention any information about the blood tests that were used in their study. In this study, researchers committed unpardonable error, they included newborns in their sample and this is a big mistake because Sickle Cell Anemia can't be detected in newborns. Whereas, in another research article by El-Hazmi, Warsy. (1999), the researchers explained the spread of SCD in Saudi Arabia and specially in western-southern and eastern regions as a result of high rate of consanguineous marriage in this country. In this study, one specific objective was addressed for guid¬ing the study. This object was to determine the frequency of sickle-cell and thalassaemia genes in the different regions of Saudi Arabia, in order to study the molecular defects and natural history, and to identify the possible factors ameliorating SCD in Saudis. This study was initiated in 1982 and conducted over ten years in different regions of Saudi Arabia. The researchers based their result on a sample size of more than 30 055 blood samples collected males and females (age range 2-60...

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