Exploring The Destiny Of The Unevangelized And The Nature Of Hell

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What is the destiny of the unevangelized?
This is a hard question. How can one come to grips with what the Bible seems to teach and with the desire in our hearts? Does not the Bible teach that Jesus is a loving God that wants all to go to heaven? How can a loving God send anyone to hell? If Christ indeed sends some to hell how can we say He is loving? These are all great question and ones that are hard to answer but there is an answer. God does everything He does, for a reason (Romans 8:28), and God does want all to come to Him (John 1:12; Romans 3:10).
I have always believed that it is necessary to know and understand Jesus, repent of you sins and call on Him for salvation (Romans 10:13). What do we do with Romans 1:20 which seems to indicate the even the unevangelized are going to be held responsible for their chose to receive God? If they are being held responsible for their chose, does this not indicate that they could have chosen salvation? It would appear that we are judged on what we know. If a person would have believed in Jesus Christ if they had the opportunity than maybe that is all the faith they need. However, if that were the case why would we need missionaries? Missionaries then in a way are only making it harder for the unevangelized. This all seems to go directly against Romans 10:14, which says how can they hear without a preacher. This question is like so many others in scripture, i.e. does man come to God by choosing Him? Or, does man come to God because He has chosen them before the foundation of the earth? It is both, both are clearly taught in the Bible and both or true. We may never really know exactly how these two go hand in hand but the Bible teaches that they do. In the same vein, it would seem that the Bible also teaches that the unevangelized will be held responsible for their belief in God based up on what they could see about Him in nature. I do not really know how to bring these two together but I do know they are both clearly in scripture. How can they know without a preacher haunts me and that is why I am a missionary with Word of Life? I struggle with the Exclusivist view in that it states “…, Jesus is both ontologically and epistemologically necessary for salvation” (Boyd and Eddy). I believe that souls can be saved based upon their knowledge of what Christ has revealed to them. I believe that we are all going to be judged in relation to what we know. “Jesus says suffer the little children to come unto me and for bid them not for such is the kingdom of Heaven “(Mathew 19:14). In addition, this definition makes it impossible to allow small children, or learning-disabled people from being able to go to heaven. It is because of these reasons that I find myself falling it to the inclusive camp. I believe that small children and learning-disabled people will be in Heaven. Because, they do not understand and therefore are not held responsible for making this decision. ...

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