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Exploring The Factors That Define A Person's Identity In The Hobbit By J.R. Tolkien

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Exploring the Factors that Define a Person's Identity in The Hobbit by J.R. Tolkien

Identity is the basis of individuality. It determines who one is; who
one chooses to be; how one is perceived by others. This philosophy is
applied no differently in 'The Hobbit', written by J.R. Tolkien. It is
a fantasy-adventure tale about a peaceful creature called a hobbit
named Bilbo Baggins, who is hauled into an adventure by a well-known
wizard, Gandalf. He sets off with thirteen dwarves in a quest for the
treasure belonging to the leader of the dwarves, Thorin. On the way,
they encounter hungry trolls, wicked goblins, loyal eagles, giant
man-eating spiders and other strange creatures unknown to man. Their
biggest challenge will have yet to come, however. A vicious dragon by
the name of Smaug. Once they are past this, victory is theirs. Or is
it? 'The Hobbit' is a deeply analytical story. Each character has been
brought alive by Tolkien with its own characteristics and features. To
continue with the opening matter that was started earlier, each
character has its different personality and identity. The three main
characters, as you may have probably already guessed, are Bilbo,
Gandalf, and Thorin. These are the most important characters, with the
most different attributes one can possibly imagine. Bilbo, being the
'hero' of the story, is the definite protagonist, while Thorin, one
would perhaps say, is the antagonist. Gandalf is a character that is
basically a 'good guy', but doesn't show up as often as the others.
One of the reasons for the choice of these specific characters was
because of their extremes in persona. The following content will
analyse these three individuals: Their identity, and their power.

Bilbo Baggins is introduced at the beginning of the book as an
ordinary hobbit; hairy, hungry, and happy. He is pleased with his
comfortable life filled with meals and snacks. He is not keen of going
off on adventures, or seeking any excitement whatsoever, unlike his
mother, Belladonna Took. His tense and tremendously apprehensive
condition becomes incredibly apparent when he screams in a fright
during the dwarves discussion of their forthcoming adventure.
Initially, he is fussy with neatness and attention, such as skipping
one meal out of his daily five. As the plot thickens, he becomes a
kind-hearted and wise hero, risking his own life for his companions.
Eventually he becomes their leader, despite Thorin's position as heir
to the king of Thror. Bilbo, as the chief characters, is included in
each theme and instalment in the novel. The quest, which primarily
belonged to the dwarves developed into being his as well. In verity,
the pursuit for Bilbo is not only for the treasure, but for his own
self-discovery. At the start, however, he does not know this. Bilbo
uncovers things about...

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