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Exploring The Issue In Gun Control

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Exploring the issues in gun control is the name of the article and it sounds obvious that the article is going to be about the issue behind mass shootings. The article is written by Dan O'Brien and Betty Stanton, who are both professional writers with great amount of knowledge about the issues in gun control. Dan O'Brien is a currently a Director of Safety and Environmental Health for San Antonio Water System, Certified Safety Professional, and Certified in Homeland Security. Betty Stanton is a 14-year veteran of U.S. Navy who is currently a currently a graduate student from Texas A&M University pursuing in Master of Public Service and Administration degree from George Bush School of ...view middle of the document...

In violent video games, the players can kill anyone in the game in anyway they want and usually extreme violence, blood, and gore are often exposed to the players. In the article, Jordyn Mcginnity, lumen reporter, discusses with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, U.S. Army, one of the world's leading experts on crime on this nature, and Grossman said “Media violence causes violence in our society. All school killer's have one thing in common. They all dropped out of life and immersed themselves in a culture of violence, especially video games” (Mcginnity, 2012). In this part of the article, it is saying that violent video games increase amount of teen mass shootings, and I agree that the media today is the real cause of mass shooting's, but violent video games cannot be the main reason why there are teen mass shootings at school. Besides all the teen shooters love violent video games, one other thing they all have common is that they are all bullied at school. People who are bullied usually appears to have extreme hatred to almost everyone in school, especially the bullies, and mass shooting happens eventually to fill in their emptiness inside and feel powerful. Bullying must be the main reason of mass shootings and must do something about it rather than violence video games.
In the article, the authors used CBS' 48 hours of interview with Jamie Rouse, shooter of Richland High School shooting where he killed two people and several wounded. During the interview, he told the interviewer about the feelings he had and how violent images and musics influenced him. "I guess for so long I'd felt helpless and weak, and with violence, you know, you have control," says Rouse "I'm not saying that it's music made me did what I did, because ultimately, it was my choice. But it helped shape who I was" (Leuing, 2007). He also talked about how being bullied affected him to form his emptiness inside which lead him to...

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