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Exploring The Perception Of Homelessness In Ireland

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Content Analysis
Subsequent to the respective fieldwork, a process of analysis is imperative to draw conclusions from collected data (Krippendorff, 2004, p. 17). Transcription, analysis and statistical creation are time consuming. An amateur researcher must allow for the necessary time to effectively and thoroughly evaluate the findings. Acknowledgement of participant perspective is vital to achieve informed understanding, in consideration of source fact from both individual external and internal experience (Silverman, 2006, p. 238). This is most common from semi-structured interviews, however it is also applicable to the structured interview process. To simplify the process of ...view middle of the document...

45% of all respondents collectively listed addiction (alcoholism or drugs) as a primary cause of homelessness. 20% of respondents noted mental illness as the primary cause. In hindsight, in this specific question it would have been beneficial to add a section that allowed respondents to identify other reasons they believed to be a cause of homelessness. This could allow the researcher to potentially obtain new data for future studies. Furthermore, there was arguably a spurious relationship (Bryman, 2012, p. 341), which negates the value of data collected from respondents when asked “if they gave money to homelessness”. This is due to two reasons, firstly related to an ambiguous ordinal question phrasing for response option (what is “sometimes”). An interval scale would have been more prudent. The second reason is the additional variance such as annual income, which may affect respondents practice and therefore, their respective response. This (annual income) was not addressed within the questionnaire to allow for further analysis. The later could also be applied to those individuals who chose to donate to charity (or not). As such, conclusive findings as to a correlation between the hypothesis and statistical findings could not be drawn strictly from the structured interview process. It is important to note that when asked a direct question, it is evident that no respondent (independent of charitable contributions) believes homelessness is a choice; therefore, addressing the original research question, suggesting a casual influence (Bryman, 2012, p. 341).
In contrast, semi-structured interviews were conducted with two interviewees to explore the aforementioned research question, with advance questions prepared by the researcher to engage in conversation with the interviewees (appendix 1). The interviews were conducted in a comfortable place to converse (Milena, Dainora, Alin, 2008, p. 1279). Although efforts were made to conceal the recording device (Flick, 2009, p. 294) interviewee #2 expressed hesitation when formally being recorded. The interviewee became more relaxed and conversational once the device was turned off. Both interviewees enacted counter control (Creswell, 2007. p.140), by limiting answers provided to questions, despite interviewer probes (appendix 1). Given the sensitive subject matter, personal anecdotes were frequently shared by the interviewees. At times the researcher struggled to restrict personal emotion to avoid leading or inflicting bias, but instead following protocol and neutrally, actively listen (Hennik, Hutter, and Bailey, 2001, p. 8). The interviewer consciously engaged in a more natural conversation with the interviewees, however sometimes delivery was limited in balance to the mechanics (i.e. note taking) (Creswell, 2007, p. 140). Following the completion of the interviews, as there is arguably no standard format or process of transcription (Flick, 2009, p. 299), for an inexperienced...

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