Exploring The Story Of Artemis: Goddess Of The Wilderness

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Having the narrow arc of the moon her bow and the beams her arrows, Artemis represented the chaste, silver brilliance of the moon.(“The HUNTRESS”)The most important role of Artemis was as the goddess of women and of female secrets.(Littleton 173) She was mainly known as the goddess of the wilderness. If she were to have company, she always preferred women, and she shunned the presence of men as far as possible.(Littleton 173) Armed with a bow made by Hephaestus and Cyclopes, she dealt ruthlessly with women who broke their vows of chastity and anyone who did not give her what she wanted.(“Artemis”)
Artemis was the daughter of Leto and Zeus and the twin of the god Apollo. Shortly after she ...view middle of the document...

She was referred to as Luna in the Heavens, Artemis on the Earth, and Hecate in the underworld. They were all linked and symbolized the three phases of the lunar cycle; Artemis the crescent, Selene the full moon, and Hecate the new moon.(Littleton 181)
In one story, Zeus seduced one of Artemis’ assistants Callisto, who was a young princess. He actually disguised himself as Artemis so Callisto did not know. When Artemis found out, she did not even give Callisto a chance to explain. She turned her into a bear and sent her into the woods to be hunted and killed.(Littleton 178) In another story, Actaeon of Thebes was caught accidentally catching sight of a goddess while bathing as he was hunting in the forest. He had sworn himself to chastity so Artemis turned him into a stag and left him to be killed by his own hounds.
Artemis was given many names, which was one of the gifts from Zeus that she had asked for. She had asked for many names because if she became bored with one, she would have another. By some, she was called the Maiden of the Silver Bow. Others called her Lady of the Wild Things and Huntress. However, some just simply called her Maiden.(Evslin 43) She also wished for a bow and arrow made of silver, fifty ocean nymphs to sing for her, twenty...

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