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I believe that Reiss’s and Nye’s Theories of Internal and External controls are one of the better theories of why there is crime in America. Albert J Reiss provided one of the earliest applications of this concept to criminology by attributing the cause of delinquency is the failure of “personal” and “social” controls. Personal controls are internalized, whereas social controls operate through the external application of legal and informal social sanctions. Nye later expanded on this and identified and identified three main categories of social controls that prevent delinquency:
1. Direct control, by which punishment is imposed or threatened for misconduct and compliances is rewarded by parents.

2. Indirect control, by which a youth refrains from delinquency because his or her delinquent act might cause pain and disappointment for parents or others with whom shares a close relationship with.
3. Internal control, by which a youth’s conscience or sense of guilt prevents him or her from engaging in delinquent acts.
I believe that if more youth were properly directed in the right path of knowing what is right from wrong, then they would respect the laws of the land. Our youth are in some cases raising themselves and making up their own set of rules for themselves. Their sense of direction is slanted because they may not have a conscience to doing wrong and therefore they believe that whatever they do is okay. If there are no limits and guidelines for young people then they will not no what the limits are.
Parents have to set limits for children at a very early age otherwise when they come to the age of reasoning, (which is 12 years old) then you have a hard time enforcing limits for them. If...

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