Exploring Trust Based Service Value Chain Framework In Tele Healthcare Services

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1. What is the research question? Why is this research question important?

The research topic is Exploring the Trust-Based Service Value Chain Framework in Tele-healthcare Services. This research topic is important because the Tele-heatlhcare services which extending healthcare services from medical perspective of treatment and diagnosis to enhance holistic wellness of individuals, have been widely recognized by healthcare providers and also Tele-healthcare service has been the promise for the evolution of healthcare industry by improving healthcare accessibility, increasing care quality, and controlling healthcare costs . It largely contributes to the home care, people self-management ...view middle of the document...

3. Consider the author’s empirical model of the phenomenon. What are the key empirical indicators of the concepts? Sketch the observed relationship between the key empirical indicators.

4. How good is the match between the conceptual model and the empirical model? Does the empirical evidence give you more or less confidence in the conceptual model, or is it indeterminate?
Yes the match between the conceptual model and empirical model would be good option as they take Service value chain framework and trust together hence taking both customer and provider together as well as valuing the trust in according to the behaviour.
The empirical evidence gives more confidence than the conceptual model as it more concentrates on trust can be knowledge based , identification based or calculation based.

5. How did the author arrive at his or her evidence? What are the key advantages of the chosen research design? What are the key disadvantages?

Here after examining many steps the author gives the relationships between thefour factors and trust attitude. Six of the eight hypotheses are supported.
The objective of this study is to position the research model at a service value chain framework,
consisting of the process of service value formation, value co-creation to value enhancement, mediated by
calculation-based trust in a tele-healthcare service provider. The findings indicate that practitioners and
researchers should pay attention to benefits perception, social influence, and effort expectancy factors in building system trust in a new business model. All of these factors can affect users’...

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