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Exploring Why Christians Go On Pilgrimages

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Exploring Why Christians Go on Pilgrimages

I will start this essay by explaining why some Christians go on
pilgrimages and will go on to explain in detail the effect this might
have on them. I will also share experiences that others have had and
the life changing experiences they’ve had.

A pilgrim is one who travels to sacred places but in a more detailed
form, a pilgrim is a believer in a faith or the follower of a religion
who travels to sacred places within or outside the context of
Christianity or even his religion. [It is very clear that not only
Christians go on pilgrimages but we would limit this discussion on
what pilgrims gain when they go to these sacred places of interest].

For Christians this experiences includes …

Being able to relate their experiences to other brothers and sisters
who may not have had the opportunity. These Christian pilgrims also
gain the experiences of the feeling of being closer to a deeper
knowledge of the life, teaching and death of Christ.

These pilgrims also tend to be able to have a clear understanding that
Jerusalem is a city where many historical events took place especially
on the Christian religion. When some Christian pilgrims go to these
pilgrimage sites, they have a feeling of knowing that they have
accomplished a major task in Christian religion, which is knowing
about the history of Christianity and thereby taking it into
historical account.

As these pilgrims keep travelling to these religious, sacred sites
there comes a time when in one way or the other, a remarkable point in
their lives changes and bringing about unity, freedom, merits and

They also gain the opportunity of buying or bringing back home
ancient relics such as, special medals, crosses, and different
artefacts. It is said that some have also brought back treasuring
goods like bibles which, in spaces between them contains fine sands
which is said to have come from the tomb where Jesus stayed for three
consecutive nights.

Pilgrims have also brought back home books, which have helped,
deliberately in prayers especially for the Roman Catholics in their
Christian lives and practise.

Most people go on a pilgrimage to renew their faith and their
relationship with God. Because the whole idea of the pilgrimage is
related to their faith, they also believe that it will make a
difference to how they run their everyday lives. Some people go on a
pilgrimage for repentance.

This may be because they have done something specifically wrong, and
want forgiveness, or just for general sins. It would make a person
feel better in themselves if they have done penance for their sins,
and they would that God is just in forgiving them. Another benefit of
going on a pilgrimage is the fellowship that will be received. People
will be going to a place...

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