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For years, the war between the Windows aficionados and the Mac devotees has raged on, the battle lines clearly drawn with no official victor in sight. That said, most people would agree that for the majority of that time, Mac has clearly been the frontrunner. To the delight of Windows fans worldwide, that all changed some ten years ago with the emergence of Windows XP. For the first time in years, Windows fans felt a glimmer of hope as the newest offering from Microsoft proved itself to be a contender in this cyber war. Though clearly not a victor, XP was something to be proud of and Team Windows held their collective breath as they waited for the release of the much touted Windows Vista. This is a long introduction for a 1-2 page paper. Unfortunately, Vista fell short of the mark(,) and Windows lovers were forced to either continue using the dependable XP or struggle to maintain some stability with the ever unstable Windows Vista. As any soldier knows(,) though, loyalty always pays off in the end and with the release of Windows 7 it appears that die hard Windows fans worldwide have finally received their payment in full. It is an operating system to be proud of and Windows enthusiasts can safely thumb their united noses at those arrogant Mac lovers once and for all. Windows 7 offers a multitude of unique new features that were designed to reward their loyal fans for their abiding devotion. This essay will highlight just a few of those features and how they are used as an introduction to what Windows 7 has to offer you. What is the process?
If you have ever looked at your cluttered desktop and wished for the ability to make it disappear for a moment, then you will appreciate Shake. The new Aero Shake feature in Windows 7 allows you to focus on a single window without any distractions. It is a great way to save time because you no longer have to minimize your open windows one at a time. With this in mind, simply click your cursor in the title bar of the window you want to view, and give your mouse a shake. Instantly, all your other open windows disappear and the chosen window stands alone for your inspection. When you are finished, another jiggle of your mouse restores all the windows that had previously disappeared. You can also utilize Shake by pressing the Windows logo key in combination with the Home key to minimize all your Windows and then pressing those same two keys to restore them. Shake is a simple and convenient tool for those of us that are in the habit of working with multiple windows open, and it is just one of many reason to consider giving Windows 7 a try. This is more like a list—not a process.
Next, I would like to introduce you to Windows 7 Jump Lists. Avoid using first person. A Jump List is a convenient and personalized tool that is designed to enhance your browsing experience. Basically, they are lists of recently opened files and folders or web sites you have visited. What they contain depends on the program you used...

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