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When exploring the 20 keys to workplace solutions, efficiency relates to the following three keys:

o Key 19: Conserving Energy – Conserving Energy and Materials
o Key 12: Developing Vendors – Developing Your Suppliers
o Key 4: Trimming Down Inventory – Reducing Inventory
Conserving energy and materials are a vital part of a properly functioning business. There are many different ways in which this can be performed to most benefit both the suppliers and the consumers. Conserving energy does not only refer to the actual output of fuel required to produce a product, but also refers to the amount of time and effort applied by all ...view middle of the document...

By using fewer sheets, you can put storage space to more productive use. For example, Owens Corning recently made all of its offices worldwide "paperless." Having had 14,000 file cabinets around the world, the company has already saved around $30 million in lease costs.
Mailing costs: Fewer sheets mailed may mean reduced postage. A single-sided 10-page letter costs $0.63 to send by U.S. first class ; that same letter, copied onto both sides of the paper, uses only five sheets and requires only $0.39 in postage. The price of postage is rising, and those extra ounces can really add up.
Environmental benefits: By increasing double-sided copying (duplexing), U.S. offices could reduce annual paper use by 20 percent (Inform, Inc). By using and discarding less paper, you are conserving resources, reducing water and energy use, and preventing pollution.” ( ) (Reducing Waste in the Workplace, 2014)
A strong relationship with suppliers is another key component to a flourishing business. This means maintaining an open communication line along with solid commitments to essentially achieve satisfaction for all participating parties. The advantages realized in maintaining a good relationship include quality, competitiveness and finance to mention a few. The following descriptions further explain strong supplier relationships.
Quality: Supplier components can affect the product quality. Superior quality adds to customer satisfaction and reduces returns, which adds bottom line cash to the company.
Timeliness: Timely deliveries envision reliability for customers. A quick turnaround helps minimize inventory translating into less inventory obsolescence risk and lesser cash needs.
Competitiveness: Provides advantages over the competition based on industry trends pricing, value, dependability, technological advances and comprehension.
Innovation: Suppliers make key contributions to new product progress. They work on cutting edge innovation for products and workplace solutions. The good suppliers understand company needs, and help pull new idea through the workplace.
Finance: As a proven considerate, loyal and paying customer, the company may be able to ask suppliers for additional financing or help with a cash crunch. Financing advantages may be in the form of deferred debt, wholesale terms on new purchases, a loan, or even a company investment. (http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/206530)
Reducing inventory is also a winning business component. Being more resourceful with raw material usage, and material availability, helps reduce company and consumer costs. The figure below illustrates how high inventory and big lots can unconstructively affect operations in the industry.

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