Explosive Changes In Young Americans’ Life: Generation Me

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Generation Me, an inspirational book written by Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D. talked about today’s young Americans problems. Twenge did lots of research about young American lifestyles to determine their differences compared to “Boomers” – people born before 1970s. Twenge compared the results of personality tests given to “Boomers” when they are under 30, and today’s young American. This book is also based on films, magazines, newspapers, anecdotal stories from her and, others. Twenge argued that people born in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s called “Generation Me” or “GenMe” is a generation highly optimistic but, faces crushing realities. Young people put themselves above all which can lead individualism, self-focus, and self-esteem. Therefore, today’s young American experience several problems as an outcome of focus on the self.
Since GenMe’ers were born, they have been taught to put themselves first. Media, school programs, and movies have told GenMe that they are unique from toddler until high school. Thus, they tend to be overconfident about themselves. However, this condition is hugely different compared to Boomers; they were taught to introspect and be self-absorption. GenMe is more self-important and individualism. They conclude that they are more independent, so they do not think the deleterious effects of being self-importance.
Firstly, Generation Me raised to believe that everyone should have high individualism. The focus of individual need begins when Genme are children, even though before they born. Some parents spend lots of money to look for the best nursery to their children for creating a perfect room. Parents usually decorate the room by painting the wall with large letter of the baby’s name, which symbolizes individualism. Some Genme have a spacious house, so each member can have personal spaces. Kids do not need to share rooms anymore, and parents like to relax in the master bedroom. Their houses are usually fulfilled by computer and game system. Most of nowadays kids addicted to being alone and spend more their time to play games. The home’s atmospheres tend to promote the individualism.
Besides that, so many products create the taste of individualism. For instance, by iPod people can choose their favorite songs, put in on the headphones then they will get their own world and ignore surrounding. Next, young people prefer watching movies at home to a movie theater since there is various television channel. Nowadays, a lot of news channels have turned to entertainment programs, for example talk show, movies, talented show, etc which attract young people spend more time watching television.
Moreover, some parents often give choices for their children. Twenge said most American parents begin asking their children their preferences before they can answer (75).
Mothers nowadays try to understand the children’s feeling and want to gratify the kids. Nevertheless, the kids interpreted wrongly; they consider themselves as a center of the...

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