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Export Marketing Plan Bulgarian Wine Essay

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Preface In block six we got the assignment to write an export plan for a Hungarian wine making company Nagyrede, the Hungarian wine company, wants to export their wine to The Netherlands. The plan we had to write should contain the following subjects · The image of wine, wine consumption and wine retailing in Europe (especially in The Netherlands).· SWOTI analyses for Nagyrede.· An entry strategy to enter the Dutch market.· EU agricultural restrictions · Recommendations.All the information that is given is used to analyse the problems Nagyrede has to cope with, and can be used to for a successful entry on the Dutch wine market.While making this plan we all learned a lot about EU policy regarding to products from third countries. Especially we learned about the problems that third countries have to cope with if they want to sell their products to in EU countries. At the time that we were working on the plan we were educated about International marketing and EU policy. Off course that was very useful as we did not knew how to write an export plan.As a group we worked very well together and there were no conflicts what so ever while making this plan.Summary Nagyrede is a Hungarian company that wants to export to The Netherlands. In the last years they have exported some wine to the UK and Germany already. This export was done without a plan or market research. In this plan the company Nagyrede can find all the information about the Dutch wine market and the European Agricultural policy.Although The Netherlands is a wine market that is slightly decreasing over the last couple of years, because the Dutch prefer wines from abroad such as wine from France, Spain or Italy, the Dutch people are beginning to drink more and more wines instead of beer. The major problem for Nagyrede is that the Dutch don't like the strong Hungarian flavour. Nagyrede must adapt the flavour and that will cost money, money that the company hasn't got. The advantage of Nagyrede is that they can produce much cheaper then there competitors from other countries. The company must gain a market share with their low producing prices, which allows them to sell the wine for a low price. With the money earned on the Dutch market they can make advertisements for their wines.Another subject in the plan is the agricultural policy of the European Union. This policy takes care for the EU wine makers. These wine makers are protected by regulations and import bans. The EU can also impose barriers on products from outside the EU such as Hungarian wine.Within some years Hungary will become a member of the EU and the problems of the barriers will be solved. Nagyrede must then cope with EU regulations about healthy and quality norms. The company must improve their machines and that will cost money. The advantage for Nagyrede will be that the EU will support the company financial. The EU will also support Hungary, so that the...

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