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Ideas on new exporting financial assistance, and improvements on PEMD ExcellentADVANCED EXPORT MARKETINGMAJOR ASSIGNMENTThere are already many federal programs that assist exporters in various ways including Progam for Export Market Development (P.E.M.D.), Canadian International Development Association (C.I.D.A.) and Canadian Commercial Corporations (C.C.C.). These programs help exporters secure and enhance access for Canadian goods and services in world markets. They also strengthen Canada's international marketing effectiveness and help promote awareness of export markets and opportunities. These exporting programs also promote Canada's economic, political, security and other interests, both bilaterally and through international institutions. They advise the government on international developments and on the international implications on the domestic policies.There is alot of help out there for exporters but new programs should be introduced and old programs should be updated. I will introduce a new program where anybody can apply for help in exporting which will be called ' A FOOT AHEAD '(A.F.A.). A.F.A. will be fully examined and explained in the following report and Iwill also show some very interesting improvements to the existing government exporting program called P.E.M.D.A FOOT AHEAD (A.F.A)There are many problems facing Canadian companies in gaining export competiveness. A.F.A. wants to reduce these problems and make it much easier for the exporters to crack the foreign markets. These problems consist of:1) Lack of market analysis2) Lack of market strategy3) Pricing problems - Labour- Transportation cost- Economics of scale- Outdated manufacturing facilities4) Distance from market (serviceability aspects)5) Lack of management initiative(no long range plans - lack of know how)6) Subsidiary relations(affects marketing and research and development)7) Risk takers - lack of - (companies and banks)A.F.A. knows these problems exist and wants to take care of them for the exporter who may be to confused and/or unsure of themself to become involved in foreign investment.A.F.A. consists of 7 graduates from the Sir Sanford Fleming College International Trade Program. Each of its staff are fully capable of helping any exporter in the above problems. With the quality of education learned from the profs at Fleming no solution is unatainable.For each of the above problems, people will be assigned to fully understand the exporters situation and apply there capabilities in helping them out. The first employee, we will refer to him as Das Fut, will be responsible for finding business's that look as though they are capable of creating a profit from exporting there service or good that don't already do so. So instead of companies coming to us, we will go looking for them to export. Das Fut will obtain documents (balnce sheets and company profiles) and statistics on domestic markets and if they look promissing he will then suggest back to headquarters that...

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