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Ross Perot once eloquently stated and we ask the question: What is that "giant sucking sound" that we hear coming from our national and domestic economy? We can find that answer by looking at our largest automobile manufacturer. As goes General Motors, so goes the United States economy. One of our nation's fastest growing exports is not food, electronics, cars, or even American sports; it is our jobs. The author, in his opinion, contends that it isn't in the nation's companies best interest to yield to "protectionism"--trying to prevent the jobs from sailing offshore. It has become too expensive to manufacture goods and offer services with the American job force, especially when these jobs can be exported overseas at a cheaper cost to the company without sacrificing quality. To the author, this "danger...creates opportunity."The article is an interesting piece because we have heard a lot in the national press about our jobs being shipped abroad, and almost in the same breath it is suggested that something ought to be done about protecting our jobs here in the states so that we do not loose more of them to companies abroad. Champy seems to think instead of protecting these jobs our companies should focus more on creating new jobs. He also suggests that these companies focus on producing quality goods and services. In agreeing with Champy, I believe this is crucial for the American economy because somewhere down the line the improving of the bottom-line has come from cutting the cost of producing goods and services instead of continuing to focus on the quality of these goods and services and being able to charge "what they are worth." Other inshore foreign companies have proven that this is possible. He also alludes to keeping governmental legislation policies (i.e. taxes) down to encourage new start-ups...

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