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Exporting Pesticides Essay

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Exporting Pesticides to Developing CountriesAs cited in the debate "Should We Export Pesticides to Developing Nations?", there is discussion on the Pro (Kenneth Goodpaster and Laura Nash) and Con (Jefferson Reynolds) side of the many effects pesticides pose to developing nations. On the Pro side there is the argument that insects and rodents eat up to 50 percent of all crops that are desperately needed by developing countries fast growing populations, and also the effects of pesticides to help control the disease borne insects that take many thousand lives every year. On the Con side, is arguments about Unites States corporations selling pesticides abroad that have been outlawed in the US ...view middle of the document...

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated that in 1991, approximately 400 million pounds of pesticides were exported from the United States. This represents 10 percent of the approximately 4 billion pounds of pesticides that are used annually throughout the world, with a large percentage of those being illegal in the United States. The United States exports pesticides to both industrialized and developing countries. Before a pesticide may be sold or distributed in the United States, it must be registered by the EPA. The EPA reaches registration decisions from an evaluation of the risks posed by the use of the pesticide as compared to the benefits of its use. If the EPA determines that a product cannot be safely used, a registration application may be denied, or, in the case of an already registered product, an existing registration may be canceled. Although decisions by EPA determine whether a pesticide can be sold in the United States, there are no registration requirements for pesticides that are to be exported. The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act does, however, impose certain labeling and notification requirements for exported pesticides. If these requirements are met, pesticides can be exported even if they are not registered, or were registered and then had that registration cancelled. The FIFR act regulates statistics such as ecotoxicity levels, exposure limits, and carcinogenicity levels. ( Silver Platter information) The EPA has found that most developing countries are not equipped to handle hazardous pesticides. Only a few countries have effective laws governing the import, use, and disposal of pesticides. In 1990, the World Health Organization estimated that as many as 25 million workers in developing countries could suffer an incident of pesticide poisoning each year. International pressure is growing to place stricter controls on the export and import of pesticides. ( 1992) Any requirements that are placed on pesticide use in the United States should also be placed on any pesticides that are exported to developing nations.On the Con side of the argument the author argued that the risk to health is greatest danger of exporting pesticides to developing countries, mainly due to inadequate information, improper application, and insufficient government monitoring. He also went on to talk about the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) who has designed a method called the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) to help developing countries find out about the risks that some pesticides may carry. I think that this is a good idea because the (PIC) does many good things to help protect developing nations and also the United States against "the circle of poison", where the United States sends a hazardous pesticide to another country and then receives it back as food with the pesticides on them. Toxic pesticides and other hazardous chemicals kill or seriously sicken thousands of people...

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