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Exposition in True West, or The World Outside of Mom's Kitchen.Rachel Aaron Exposition in a play is always important, but it is especially so when the entire play takes place in a kitchen. Without exposition revealing why we are in the kitchen, how the characters in the are related, what has passed between them before, and so on, how could the playwright hope to keep the audience's interest for the first fifteen minuets, much less for two hours. Exposition gives a background both to the plays events and to the characters which makes the play interesting. The first type of exposition is the exposition of action. What happened to these people before we see them on stage? What is their history? What are they doing here? In True West, we as the audience, discover that the two people on stage are brothers in the first line, "So, Mom took off for Alaska, huh?" They share a mother, so we assume they are brothers. We can also assume that they haven't seen each other in awhile, because Lee has to ask where his mother is, so he obviously hasn't been hanging around. In line 107, we find out that Lee hasn't been around for five years. We can see that one of them is a writer, and later it is revealed that he writes scripts. Lines 126-129 are a major bit of plot exposition; Lee: You may be able to get away with that with the old man. Git him tanked up for a week! Buy him off with yer Hollywood blood money, but not me! I can get my own money my own way. Big money! This is a good example of how the playwright uses exposition to move the play ahead. By having Lee say these few lines, we learn something about the brother's previous interactions with each other and with their drunkard father. It also lets us know about Lee's line of work. "How will he make that big money?" we wonder, our interests have been piqued, and we pay attention. In these three lines, we have discovered...

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