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Expository Essay

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Would you want to be black in a time where you had no voting rights or rights as an American citizen? The Selma to Montgomery March, led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in March 25 1965, was a major event in the African-American community. During and in the creation of this march, blacks and Civil RIghts activist fought for African-Americans’ voting rights. Even though they were abused and some were killed, they stilled continued to do what they believed was right. The march was from Selma, Alabama to the Capitol in Montgomery. In this report I will explain the Selma to Montgomery March and what the blacks and other Civil Rights Activist went through for this march and during this march and the big impact it had on the African-American community.

Firstly, the Selma to Montgomery March was in the year 1965 in March 25. The march was led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as well as thousands of activist who followed him from Selma, Alabama to the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery. The reason for this march was voting rights for the black communities. This march would prove that the African-Americans deserve voting rights. Over the years, Blacks did not have voting rights because they were treated as “second-class citizens” and did not have all the rights the whites did. Even though the Selma to Montgomery March was successful and famous. This wasn’t the activists’ first attempt at the march. Their first attempt at this march resolved in “Bloody Sunday”. Their second attempt,however, was successful and that march got their voting rights.

Secondly, the government roles during this event were good and bad. We had people like President Lyndon B. Johnson and the other people of the federal government like attorney Fred Gray and Federal District Court Judge Frank M. Johnson who wanted to help the marchers,...

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