Expository Essay, How Students Can Make You Think.

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My favorite teacher was Janet D. in elementary school. Her classroom consisted of dark green wa1ls, brown hardwood floors, wooden chairs and alphabet letters around the room. There were pictures of presidents hanging on the walls. I can still remember the smell of chalk, pencils and erasers. The teacher's desk had a globe on top, and an American flag hung from the chalkboard. There were many things about Janet D. that I remember, her ability to make us feel like we belonged in the classroom, her smile. Everyone was treated equal. Janet D. was a history teacher.We would sit in the middle of the class and imagine ourselves as George Washington crossing the Delaware River, or Christopher Columbus discovering America and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. She believed in learning, using imagination, and senses. The qualities I admired most about her were her smile, patience and soothing voice. She had the ability to teach us without our knowing we were being taught. She allowed us to be kids and use our imagination. She made learning fun and interesting.I went to volunteer for a friend of mine that teaches history at Harrison Morton in Allentown. Wow! What experiences! From the moment I stepped up to the door and had to be buzzed in, it felt like I was going to visit some one in jail. As I was walking down the hall, I started thinking about when I went to elementary school and how much things have changed: Some things are still the same in some respect. The first thing I noticed when I walked into the class was the picture of John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin L. King. For a moment I thought...

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