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Expository Writing 11th Grade (Describe Event Changed Your Life): Christmas

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"O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Fees Why Do You Hate Me""Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year." Christmas songs like this one and many, many more were stuck in my head for the upcoming holidays. I was December 19, 2001, and these songs from television shows to radios and even from Christmas shopping music at stores were played over and over again until I was humming them myself. With Christmas break coming right around the corner from my circled-calendar marked, which I was anxiously waiting the arrival of, I was very excited. Right from the beginning, the first time that it snowed in the winter, I thought of Christmas. It was hard imaging it when I was hard at work shoveling the snow from my driveway, but I was still a little synched. The wonderful Christmas decorations on roof-tops around my town helped me get into the Christmas spirit. Oh, and you know what else helped me get into the spirit, the presents! Not what Christmas is all about to most people, but it is a big part in my life. Familiar family and friends, and all of the wonderful and expensive gifts were awaiting my arrival at my cousin's house in New York City. On the day before the holiday break had officially started, I was bored awaiting the 12'o clock bell, and I got excited every time I thought about the upcoming holidays. My only worry though, was what presents to get my cousins, it can't be too expensive, but it can't look cheap at the same time. Also, I was breaking your back getting out the tree, and putting the cheap ornaments carefully on the tree, so that it doesn't fall and break. And after those two things are done, there is nothing else to do, except to wait and to just count the days until that crisp-cold morning when I get to open my presents and see what everybody has given me.The houses on my block are all aglow with lights, and looked wonderful at night. The Christmas tree, which I helped decorate with a box of ornaments from the attic, has now been decorated, illuminated with the same lights, and looks wonderful at all times. Everybody's into the spirit of the season, which is the season of giving as everybody knows, but of course like all of the Christmas years, It is difficult and hard for me to remember that it is not the 'season of receiving', not giving! "But giving is so much fun than receiving," I would always say when somebody tells me about what the season is all about! Eventually I had to get myself to those expensive and crowded shopping malls so that I can get my family and friend's the presents that they have seen on an ad somewhere, and of course the ad is promoting it only cause it is Christmas time, and they know and you know that your friends and family members want the first and all things that they see somewhere. After I convinced myself that it was going to be over soon, I was on my way to the malls..."It's off to the malls we go", I said to myself, "Oh! Ho Ho Ho Ho!" saying it with the verse from the '12 Dwarves, with my list in...

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