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The earth is one big physical realm with a growing number of populations in every single second that passes by. The enormous numbers of people that surpass the seven billion mark are different individual each with unique characteristics. This uniqueness creates a certain form of segregation, which commonly falls on the count of culture. The difference in culture, which is also known as cultural diversity, affects everyday lives of any human. The effects of such are divergent and the quest for knowledge also faces the same challenges posed by diversity (White, 361). The quest for knowledge has led to students travelling and living in foreign countries in the mean time pursuing their ...view middle of the document...

One way of integrating them seamlessly into the new society is through co-curricular activities. The co-curricular activities that have no part to do with regular class work are ideal in helping the new students jell with the rest of the student body. Most team sports involve bonding and communication. The bonding helps assimilate what would be seen as a lost stranger into the sporting family. This act offers the international student a family to belong to and an image to identify with, during his or her stay (Schiff, 98). The sporting activities hold a double advantage in that it helps the student keep fit and healthy while they partake in the rigorous training.
Another set of co-curricular activities would involve the use of clubs, societies and community based charity work. Getting the students to engage on a social platform such as clubs and societies helps improve their communication and assimilation into the student body. The community based work helps instill acceptable morals of giving back to the society into the students and portrays the local culture in good light. Theses array of activities exposes the international student to a variety of options of interaction with their new environment.
In order to encourage the students to spread out wide in instead of clustering in one place, the government and all related stakeholders should raise a notch in their efforts to furnish various educational institutions with up to date equipment (Schiff, 98). This act ensures that all the schools are relatively at par in terms of quality of education offered hence the students have a wide range of schools to choose to join. This will go a long way in attracting them to different schools as opposed to having one major advanced school.
The above proposals aim to ensure that the students spend life independent of segregating themselves into one entity. The above proposals are not born out of vanity but out of valid reasons and thoughts that necessitate their consideration. It is important for the host nation to portray a united image of its citizen. The justification for spreading the international students in various institutions comes in the form of promoting the national image. It would portray a negative image if all the communities in a country lived in separate locations separated by ethnicity, religion or even nationality (Spradlin & Parsons, 103). Therefore, the spread of the students is a necessity to compliment the country’s efforts to unite its citizen.
International students arrive in the country with little or no knowledge about the country. This clean slate is exactly what any country needs to market itself. Exposing the students to different lifestyles, climate and geographical location ensures that the students gain maximum exposure about the country. Armed with this set of information the students have the potential of becoming the countries own ambassadors to their own home countries.
The education institutions are...

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