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Exposure To Death Essay

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“Death is the debt every man must pay”, wrote Euripides. Each day we are reminded about death; a report on the television about starving children in Africa or a suicide bomber in the Middle East. Headline in the newspaper about a murder, suicide or “honor killings”; News of an untimely death from a loved one, friend, co-worker. It seems that death is everywhere. Until this essay was assigned I had never really thought about how death had affected me, or how close I was to that deceased person who had died so suddenly, sometimes without even saying goodbye. Now thinking about it I have actually been around death quite a bit in my short life so far; a long with that I have sat through many sad ...view middle of the document...

Over half the people that have been in my life, and I have been around I consider to be significant which is a pretty decent amount of people. It might not be as much as some people have, but to me that is a lot because I don’t even talk to half of my family members.
(1B) The attachments I have made aren’t always as significant, or as strong as some of the others. My dad passed away when I was 18 years old, and my grandma that I was very close with passed when I was 16. So in a two-year span I lost two people that were very significant in my life, and a large part of my life changed after that. When I think about it now my dad will never get to see his grandchildren grow up, or see what I make out of my life and that is very sad to me. The same goes for my grandma because she was a major role model for me in my life. Those attachments that have passed already I consider to be highly significant, but of course there are other very important people in my life that haven’t died yet, like my mom, sister and sisters in law, and all of my closest friends.
(1Bi) My average “who” rating for the people in my life that have died is actually pretty low, it is about a 4 or a 5 between everyone that has passed on. I have had a couple very significant people pass away, but of for the most part nobody hugely important in my life has passed away. (1Bii) The average “who” rating for the significant people in my life was about a 7 or 8. Unfortunately even though a few of them I considered to be very significant I wasn’t extremely close with them when they died which I kind of regret in a way. For instance me and my dad weren’t very close when he died, we didn’t talk for about 2 years before he died suddenly and that is not so much a regret but it saddens me to think that I didn’t even know what my dad was going through or how he was doing before he passed on. (1Biii) The difference between my answer on (1Bi), and (1Bii) is quite a bit higher in my opinion, it jumped from a 4 or 5, to a 7 or 8. Some of the people that have died I didn’t even really know that wall but they were related to me somehow so they were still family.
(2A) As of today only two people in my life that were truly significant have died, well and my dog Shiner, he died around the same time as my dad did. They were all significant losses because when you lose your father there is no way to prepare yourself, I never thought in a million years my dad would die, let alone die in a car crash one day unexpectedly and I never even go to say goodbye to him which crushed me very deeply. When my grandma passed away she was only in her 70s which is kind of old but now days the average age to live too is 80 or 90. She also died unexpectedly of a brain aneurism, which is a scary thought because she was actually a very healthy person. She was the one person that no matter what would come to my baseball games or basketball games and tell me I did a great job weather I lost or won the game. Not only did...

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