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Exposure To Gender Based Violence And Its Influence On Bullying Behavior At Belmopan Comprehensive High School

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Over the past years and at present, bullying and violence in schools has become a major social problem affecting school students, personal, family and social well-being. In fact, it has been overlooked as a threat to students and reduced to a belief that bullying is a developmental stage that most youth will experience then get over with it. Government officials, parents and other stakeholders in education find it hard to decipher the root cause of bullying and its occurrences. Bullying may involve direct physical actions such as hitting or shoving, verbal assaults, such as teasing, name-calling, or it may involve more indirect action such as socially isolating a child or manipulating ...view middle of the document...

According to the social learning theory and modeling process, girls exposed to father’s violence against the mother are more likely to be victimized at school, whereas boys are more likely to bully others; in addition, we hypothesized that girls exposed to mother’s violence against the father are more likely to be bullies themselves.
Parental behaviors clearly have an impact on the child’s peer relations at school, but are not sufficient to explain the whole phenomenon. Next to family violence, other dimensions related to the family or the social context (such as parental styles or the school ethos, attitudes towards bullying, and the peer group pressure) might predict bullying (Baldry & Farrington, 1998;). Many adolescents will do risky, dangerous, or illegal things when in the company of their peers that they would not do when on their own. Adolescents who are most able to resist peer pressure are those who have strong and positive relationships at home. In contrast, a lack of parental involvement or supervision places adolescents at risk for involvement in antisocial peer activities and increases youngsters’ vulnerability to negative peer influence.
Furthermore, Harris & Hathorn (2006, p. 54 - 55) explain the gender difference further stating that boys both bullied and got bullied more frequently than girls. It tended to be more physical bullying in the younger years, but became more verbal bullying in the senior years and was usually because of their victim’s physical weakness and social connections. They also indicate that although girls were vicious with acts of social exclusion, rumors, and name-calling, girls were also more sympathetic to their victims than boys. Consequently, there is evidence of more emotional scarring in girls who are bullied than in incidences of bullying in boys. Girls tended to bully because of their victim’s looks and body type, emotional instability, and academic standing. By verbally attacking their victim’s characteristics and personality, female victims internalized the bullying, lowering their self-esteem more than male victims who experienced physical bullying. Interestingly, also due to the type of bullying, female bullies reflectively were more sympathetic towards their victims than male bullies
Because adolescence is a difficult time in a child’s maturation, bullying exacerbates these difficult times by forming barriers to positive connections with other students and school faculty members. Consequently, the presence of bullying at school often creates a barrier for young people to develop into well-adjusted adults. Victims are beaten up, called names, lied about and left out, with bullying taking place mainly in the classroom and school playground (Borg 1999).
A research found that children involved in bullying are more prevalent to psychological problems, the most common problem being depression. (Dake,...

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