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Exposure To Sexual Medial In Daily Life

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It is not a secret that today’s society has a huge influence on our daily lives. Whether it is what we wear, what music we listen to, or the most controversial our sex lives. Teens today are exposed to sexual behavior whether they know it or not; such as music videos, commercials, movies, television and social media, but this is a good thing because it makes them aware of their body and are able to know the consequences if they are to take sex for granted. Sex should not be an embarrassing topic to be talked about which is why society has made it an everyday topic as it should be.
Television is a huge way that society has made sex an every day topic in a teen’s life. A network that has ...view middle of the document...

If society has a way to influence by television then why can it not influence through the school system. Starting in fifth grade is when most kids are introduced to the human body as a whole. Most kids without a Sex Ed course would be having all of these questions about their sudden body change, but with more schools teaching Sex Ed kids are becoming more known with these changes. Schools are where most kids will spend their lives so why not teach them about their own body. A great thing about having schools speak about sex is that it lets the students become less embarrassed and it lets them know there are plenty of resources at the school’s nurse’s office, or at their clinic that can answer any other questions they may have. For example, we had an on campus clinic that would do free pregnancy tests, as well as STD tests, and they offered to give their patients condoms as well. Schools that have on campus resources keep their teens more informed and help prevent any unwanted consequences. Unfortunately there are some schools that do not offer Sex Ed courses and are letting their teens go through life not knowing what a condom is or what birth control and is possible increasing the chance of them having unprotected sex, and not know the consequences.
Society should never have an influence on teen’s sex lives. With all of the music out these days each lyric promotes that the...

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