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Reflection Paper On Living In The Land Of Promise Article

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Have you ever wondered what true happiness is? Or what is living in a Promised Land like? Or just wondering how can a priest live a happy life if they are to give up on a lot of things? Or have you ever wondered of your purpose on life? On why we are all here on Earth? I believe, each and every one of us, is living in this world with a purpose. It may be a great or a simple one but we are all called by God to fulfill certain tasks. And as we fulfill whatever that task is, we should always be ready to face all sorts of challenges along the way.

Just like in the old days before Jesus walks on the surface of the Earth. There were a lot of people called by God to fulfill some mission, because He was preparing a promise for all humanity. Some mission He believes to be so important to accomplish to achieve a life of Eternity with Him. And these people who fulfilled all the tasks were all written in the history to have contributed a great deal in the realization of God’s greatest plan. A plan so important that we have now a chance to experience and that is to be able to live in the Promised Land. A land filled with happiness.

I could just imagine all the obstacles or painful experiences the people of the past like Abraham, Jacob and Moses had to undergo in order to pave the way for us to enjoy the so called Promise Land. Sacrifices that ordinary people may deem impossible to surpassed. Just take for instance, the great test given to Abraham when he was asked by God to sacrifice the life of his beloved son Isaac, it was a huge test he was able to pass because of his obedience to the Lord. And since these people were given some tasks by our Lord that they greatly tried to accomplish, we can now be assured that as long as we follow God’s way and live a life-like Jesus, everything that is promised then, will be fulfilled in the end.

These tasks given to the time of Moses are of the same magnitude our priests now are experiencing just to be able to fulfill their oath to spread the word of God. We all thought that a life of a priest is a life full of challenges, since they have to live a life devoid of luxury. They may appear to be joyful and jolly in doing all these things. But partly, doing the apostolate is not an easy job to do; it’s a tough job to handle. They are constantly tested and challenged. On the other hand, the life they chose however challenging is a life filled with joy. Because the life they chose to live is a life with the Lord. And there is no other way to live a happy life than be with the Lord. They do it with a joyful heart because they know that whatever they are doing is for the greater Glory of the Lord. And that alone is the secret why our priests are living a life filled with bliss.

This we should remember, as some people say, nothing good comes out easy, even as we deal with our lives day to day. May the experiences of the people of the past be a living testament that with every sacrifice we endure, a greater glory...

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