Expressionism Expressionism Was One Of The Main Movements In The Later 19th And 20th Centuries. No Other Artistic Style Has Had As Much An Impact On 20th Century Art As Expressionism Has.

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Expressionism was one of the main movements in the later 19th and 20th centuries.No other artistic style has had as much an impact on 20th century art as expressionism has.Expressionism not only has influenced the art movement, it has influenced other expressive, creative areas such as literature, theatre and cinema.One of the two Expressionist movements was Die Brucke (The Bridge), which emerged in Germany early in the 20th century.The artists found inspiration from their predecessors like Van Gogh, Ensor, Munch, Goya, El Greco and Mathias Grunewald and as far back as primitive art.Ernst Ludwig Kirchner played a prominent role in the Die Brucke, and insisted that the artists all expressed with their inner convictions sincerely and spontaneously.After a while the artist's inner convictions began to differ, and the Die Brucke came to an end.So much of early expressionism was used in a negative way due to artists own emotional/mental problems, for example, fear of death, fear of being alone, or exclusion from society. To which this brought on work that represented pain, destruction, dark drama and doom and gloom.Understandably so, considering so many of them went through the horrific experience of World War 1, which left them in states of depression and hallucinations, their only outlet was through their art.The other prominent movement was Der Blaue Reiter ("The Blue Rider"), being larger, and philosophical in its approach.Wassily Kandinsky played a major role in this group, like some of his other colleagues, Kandinsky continued to explore new territories and open up new dimensions.One statement of their ideals was,To give expression to inner impulses in every form which provokes an intimate personal reaction in the beholder. We seek today, behind the veil of external appearances, the hidden things, which seem to us more important than the discoveries of the Impressionists. We search out and elaborate this hidden side of ourselves not from caprice nor for the sake of being different, but because this is the side we see. (Britt 1974, p.142)Like Die Brucke, Der Blaue Reiter also came to an end.The style itself can be described in general terms as, a style where an artist wouldn't portray the subject matter in an objective manner, but in a subjective one. So the subject would be portrayed through subjective feelings, which was provoked through emotional means.The emphasis on the inner experience from the artists outlook, their day to day living, melded with life experiences are all factors in creating a piece of expressionistic art.All these aspects are expressed in a communicative form onto canvas or paper for example.Spontaneous self-expression would be pushed to the limit through the distorted and exaggerated use of line, form and colour.This method gave a subjective and emotionally charged content priority over form.Kandinsky's style changed continually, from Academicism, through to Folk art, to Impressionism and Post Impressionism. Until he...

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2231 words - 9 pages individuals by asserting a confident, American, individualistic and masculine style of art. Abstract Expressionism embodied and showcased on a world scale the more positive values of the USA - that is, the values of a liberal, free enterprise society with an emphasis on self-criticism and discussion. Hence, the movement was canonised, promoted and supported by such key American institutions as the international program at Museum of Modern Art

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2034 words - 8 pages later years to one of the largest financial institutions in the country. Rockefeller, who was involved in the petroleum industry, built the Standard Oil Company. Philanthropists were not the only group of people funding the growth of Corporate America. "The federal government, mainly interested in encouraging interregional development, provided financial credit and land grants (Henretta 490)." As a whole, the American economy was growing at an

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