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Expressive critical essay My expressive essay concerns the landscapes of two artists, Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Oscar Monet. I will briefly describe the history and I will describe and compare four of their paintings. Vincent Van Gogh does not fit into any painting school, though his superb colour sense can be traced back to impressionist theories! Vincent William Van Gogh was born in Groot-zundert, a small town in Barbant, on the 30 of March 1853. After two years in Paris, during which time he painted over 200 paintings with his brothers financial help. Van Gogh went to the south of France, one night Van Gogh had been taken to hospital cause he had cut of part of his ear! After this Van Gogh voluntarily retired to an asylum for the insane where he hoped to restore his self-confidence and his mental stability. On the 29 of July 1890 Vincent Van Gogh died. Vans Gogh never became famous until after he died. During his life he only sold one painting! The first painting I am going to look at is "˜The Allotments' which was painted in 1887 is a landscape is quite realistic but some bits are very vague like the building in the middle of the right hand side. I think the composition of the painting isn't done vary well because the top left hand side of the painting is quite dark as the bottom right hand side is lighter, this makes your eyes look straight at the bottom of the painting. Your eyes don't get the chance to look at all the painting! This painting is of a set or allotments with a building in the background and the allotments in the foreground. There is a tractor and people in the middleground. The main focal point in the painting is the building at the back, which looks like a derelict windmill and a smaller building in front which looks like a small shed of some sort. The lines on the painting are very distinctive; the lines are separate and brush stroke like. The lines on the buildings are continuous but quite fine they outline the buildings. The shapes on the painting are very natural looking. The painting is quite dull and boring and dull and I think the colours have a lot to do with it. Evan though the colours are dull you get the feeling it is a warm but dull day, because there are a lot of yellows, reds, browns and greens. I don't think the tone is particularly good because there isn't enough definition in the tone.The second painting I am going to look at is another by Van Gogh it is called "˜Irises' which was painted in 1889 it is a landscape that is simplified because the shape and colours are simple there is not much detail. I like the composition of this painting better because your eyes focus on the whole of the painting instead of going straight to one bit like the left hand side or the right! There are Irises in the foreground and in the middleground. In the background there are irises as well but there are also other flowers which look like small orange sunflowers. The main focal point of the picture is...

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