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Expressive Means And Stylistic Devices Essay

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MINISTRY OF HIGHER AND SECONDARY SPECIAL EDUCATIONOF THE REPUBLIC OF UZBEKISTANGULISTAN STATE UNIVERSITYThe English and Literature Department______________'s qualification work on speciality 5220100, English philology on the theme:Expressive Means and Stylistic DevicesSupervisor: ___________Gulistan 2008ContentsI. Introduction1.1. About style1.2. Expressive means and stylistic DevicesII. Main part2.1. Lexical Expressive Means and Stylistic Devices2.2. International mixing of the stylistic aspect of words2.3. Interaction of different types of lexical meaning2.4. Interaction of primary dictionary and contextually imposed meaning2.5. Stylistic Devices Based on the Interaction of Logical and Emotive Meaning2.6. Stylistic Devices Based on the Interaction of Logical and Nominal MeaningsIII. ConclusionIV. BibliographyI. IntroductionTheme actuality. In order to improve the training and provide better knowledge of foreign languages we have to accelerate the realization of the National Programmer of Personnel Training in the country. As in many other aspects of life the situation changed in a language policy. That requires creation of new textbooks, dictionaries, manuals. In order to fulfill this goals one must know every field of linguistics. In my opinion the theme of the work is very actual because there is not any manual which compare the lexical stylistic devices of the Uzbek and the English language.The aims and purposes of the work. Main goal of the work is to compare, analyze and find examples which belong to lexical stylistic device.The scientific novelty of the work. The analyses of the lexical stylistic device of both languages have done in comparing the works done by Galperin I.R, Kukharenko.V.A, and Bobohonova L.T.The practical value. The practical value of the research is that the material and the results of the given qualification work can serve the material for theoretical courses of lexicology , stylistics, typology as well as can be used for practical lessons in translations, home reading ,conversational practice and current events.Literature overview. The methodic base on the work became the works of Galperin I.R., Kucharenko V.A., Bobohonova L.T, materials from Internet, different types of dictionaries,World Book Encyclopedia .The structure of the work . The qualifications work consists of Introduction, Main Part an conclusion , which are followed by the list of the literature used in the course of research.1.1 About styleThe word s t y l e is derived from the Latin word `s t y l o s` which meant a short stick sharp at one end and flat at the other used by the Romans for writing on wax tablets. Now the word `style` is used in so many senses that it has become a breeding ground for ambiguity. The word is applied to the teaching of how to write a composition; it is also used to reveal the correspondence between thought and expression; it frequently denotes an individual manner of making use of language; it sometimes refers to more...

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