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Exteded Summer Vacation Persuasive Essay

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The minute that everybody has been expecting for has at long last arrived. The people are inclining toward the edge of their seats, listening for the last chime to ring to unleash them to freedom. We all love it when summer vacation has arrived, but the time just passes by so fast. A high percentage of the students want there to be a longer summer vacation, but are there really any benefits? Well yes in fact a longer vacation will be associated with many benefits such as increased social life, health benefits, and educational plus financial gains.

Students need time to relax and de-stress. With the accumulation of homework, projects, assignments, tests and quizzes, students are constantly ...view middle of the document...

We become disconnected from our friends and only rely on them for school work. This extended summer vacation will socially alert and engage the students so that they may not become a social outcast and disregard their friends.

The original reason there is a summer break was for the kids to help their parents on the farm. It might not be the farm that the kids are helping with, but it could be other day to day chores. Students could also use this time as a way to educate themselves and advance in their careers. The students could use their time to catch up on the work they have missed or repeat their classes so they may fulfill high school. Also many pupils sign up for internships, jobs, and camps during these free months. Students can have more time to volunteer and can eventually get a job which will help the economy increase. Some undergraduates do not get enough time during the year to fulfill their 40 volunteer hours, and a long break will give them just that. The extra time will also give teachers more time to prepare better lessons which will help the learning environment. There are also financial advantages for the parents, the school and the economy. The parents don’t have to pay for the lunches and school trips and so on, and the school does not have to pay for the electric bill, hydro bill, teacher’s salary and other equipment. Additionally, most people, during the summer spend more money on theme parks, theaters, restaurants, amusement parks and more, thus a longer period of free time will mean more money being made. This plus all of the extra money being made by the videos games and technology that come out during the summer will definitely help boost the economy. Summer vacation is not just fun and games because it can really help with money problems and help with undergraduates who are trying to find a job.

Too much School comes with it's problems. First of all, a continuous barrage of work can be counterproductive and inevitably the stress could cause health problems such as headaches, sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and behavioral issues. Students need time to relax and de-stress. Likewise, Educational studies have demonstrated that play is simply essential in a kids improvement as formalized training seems to be. Play permits kids to investigate their inventiveness, creative energies, likes, and dislikes. It helps them develop to know who they are as individuals. A well rested mind is more efficient than an overused one. Additionally, it has been proven by scientists that 78% more children are stressed during the school year and that when summer break...

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