Extended English Essay "Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo" And "Lex And Rory"

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There are many themes and topics that authors and directors can choose but the theme for the novel "Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo" by Tim Winton, and film "Lex & Rory" is very similar. Both these narratives expressed the same issues, some of which were bullying, popularity, relationships and male and female characteristics. Although these texts have similar issues, they do have differences such as how the issues that were used were constructed. This essay will discuss the similarities of the issues between the two texts and how theses issues are constructed.Both narratives used relationships to play a great part, relationships such as friendships, family and love.Love played a large part between the two narratives. In Lex & Rory, Lex knew all about Dai and how she felt deep inside even more than Dai's father because Lex supported Dai's wish to go to arts school since that was what she wanted, but her father wanted her to go into business and follow in his foot steps. That was when she wanted to kill herself because he would not let go to art school but Lex came to the rescue and showed Dai that he was always there caring for her. In the text "Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo", Lockie loved Vicki Streeton but Vicki's expectation of life is not based on morality. If she liked something, she did it and this often caused a conflict between Lockie and Vicki and is the main reason why their relationship soured. It seems that in these texts both the main male characters made the first move in the forming of their relationships.Both narratives use family relationships. We know the background of the main characters, so we can understand them. In "Lex and Rory", Dai's mother cares about the children because she stated " what are you a wimp" to try to force him to put what ever he has got so he can teach those bullies a lesson, but Dai's father stated that he did not really bother about what she wanted to become when she was young but really he had already decided what he wanted her to do, he wanted her to live his dreams. In Lex's family, it could be seen that from the phone call from his father that his family are close, they all cared for each other, and that Lex was free to do what he wants and to choose his future career.In the novel "Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo" it was clear that Lockie's family was very open and caring because when Lockie's mother was teaching him about sex education, she was actually trying to use reverse psychology to try to teach or make sure that he does not regret anything irresponsible that he has done when he starts going to his new school. His parents also gave Lockie a religious background and a strong sense of personal morality. Vicki's parents however really did not care about her because they both let her smoke even though she is underage and her parents fought and argued a lot after they got married, so there is not much caring and love in her family. Therefore, between the two texts it seems that the authors made...

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