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Extended language studyMicah SolisIntroductionFor this language study, I have chosen to focus on the language used by people in text messaging. The reason why I chose to analyse the form of language in text messaging is because I enjoy texting a lot and I myself use this kind of language in texting. Text messaging refers to the exchange of brief written messages through mobile phones using the SMS (short messaging service). Text messaging is a great communication tool as it is portable and immediate which allows quick and easy messaging that is less disruptive than a voice mail and more instant than an e-mail. SMS language/text talk is a term for the abbreviations and slang most commonly used on text messages and on the internet, particularly in email and chat. Some people prefer to use abbreviated words because it is much quicker and easier to type than the entire word, phrase, or sentence.Method of operation and activities undertakenTo collect information for my report, I started researching on the internet on websites such as: http://www.netlingo.com/acronyms.php and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_language. Using the internet helped me better understand why some people prefer to use the SMS language than the standard. It has also helped me learn definitions of abbreviated words such as "BAU" which means "business as usual" and "MYOB" which means "mind your own business." I also used my personal experiences in texting to help me with my research.Observations and ReflectionsAs a result of all the research I have undertaken in this assignment, I have found that some people use the SMS language mainly because they find it handier. An example of a text message containing abbreviated words is "Can I TTYL? I GTG and attend to something. Well, HAGD. TCCIC." If you are someone who does not use the SMS language in texting, you will find this text message very hard to comprehend. But for people who use this kind of language, it is very easy to understand as it simply means "Can I talk to you later? I got to go and attend to something. Well, have a good day. Take care 'cause I care." I discovered that people who use the SMS language are usually and mostly teenagers and people who have a very hectic schedule in their jobs such as engineers, restaurant managers, nurses and drivers. I also discovered that there is a slight difference between the language used in text messaging and the language used in online games and video games. For example, "DC" in online gaming means "disconnected from server" whilst in text messaging, the abbreviated word "DC" means "don't care." Sometimes, people use abbreviations in text messaging to get a small message across while video gamers usually use abbreviations simply because it is much easier to type than typing the entire sentence or...

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