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At a time where World War 1 was turned to be too overwhelming, a way of ending World War 1 was necessary. The solution was to create and sign a treaty from each of the Allies, in order ensure world-peace in the future; an intention to avoid any more World Wars or other related disasters. This treaty was signed in Versailles (hence the name came from), and enforced by the leaders of France, Britain, The United States of America and Italy. The big four’s (the world leaders that signed the treaty) names were Woodrow Wilson (from the USA), George Clemenceau (from France), Vittorio Orlando (from Italy), and David Loyd-George (from Britain).

Needless to say, Germany did not get the option to partake in the negotiations or decisions of punishment. Each world leaders each had different terms and opinions on the matter. Woodrow Wilson wanted to establish a lasting peace, and avoid any more future world-wide conflicts. George ...view middle of the document...

However, many did not agree with the treaty, and believed it was too harsh on Germany’s citizens and the country’s wellbeing. This German citizens thought likewise, and suffered the most from the treaty. Poverty was rampant throughout the entire country, the currency worth of money became useless, and the government suffered bankruptcy from the dues they had to pay to France. The Germans were angry of their humiliation, but also at their politicians, for leading them into misery for what would for more than 2 decades. Essentially, the Great Depression started much earlier for Germany compared to other countries. Despite all this, the treaty held great irony, as it would eventually begin World War 2, instead of its opposing ideals.
The Treaty of Versailles could have been tweaked better to offer a more mature and positive outcome. I believe George Clemenceau should have agreed with the terms of Wilson, and helped support his ideas and views. Punishment to Germany could have been necessary, but severity of it could have been debatable. Germany should have been the one obligated to pay the reparation fees, but over a certain time period, instead of paying it up-front. This is what caused Germany to go bankrupt, and left her citizens in major distress.

I think anger and revenge blinded France, and they couldn’t go any farther than to take action with it. However, despite the declaration of war initially given by Germany, all countries that were involved in the triple alliance should have been affected by the Treaty of Versailles, each having their own punishment, or split between the group.
The consequences from the Treaty of Versailles could not have been avoided after it was created, because the Great Depression was incoming regardless. As stated before, Germany began its personal Great Depression much earlier compared to other countries. Whereas other countries were beginning the roaring twenties, Germany was suffering in its own misery. The reason why the treaty did not work was because of the terms given against Germany; no one predicted what Germany would do in the future to fight against it.

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