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The Extent of European Influence on the World in 1650 The extent of European influence was almost unavoidable during the 1650's. After the Dark Ages and the Renaissance were over Europe became an intellectual and wealthy hub in the known world. There are several reasons that made this possible. A few were there vast merchant trading system there ability to maintain advanced weapon technology and the most important factor, the drive to explore everywhere there ships would take them. With these factors in place it is no surprise that Europe was a dominant world power. Their desire to expand their nations was so strong that many explorers dedicated their lives to discovering and conquering new ...view middle of the document...

The bottom line with any country at this time was to expand and start building a solid economy; learning through others did this. When the Spanish discovered the largest silver mine in Peru they created a whole new way to make money. Instead of using the land to make money, they simply extracted it from the earth and shipped it over to Spain. So here they have all this money and all they do is spend it. They could have used the money to build factories and build up the economy in Spain. Instead they spread all there wealth throughout Europe making other countries rich. Finally Spain ran out of money, mostly due to the fact that all there major silver and gold mines in the America's had run out. This is what gave the rest of Europe a chance to move in on all this new territory. Along with the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 by the English, It immediately became the time for other countries to make the move to the west.As mentioned before there were many reasons for the domination of America by Europe. To start with Europe ability to set up and maintain busy trading routes was remarkable. Vast trade routes were set up by sea around the southern tip of Africa to other trade routes to Asia, all stopping at different ports along the way. Because these routes took them around Africa it gave the merchants a chance to make a lot of profit. The still primitive Africans did not have the knowledge of making metal so it was an extensive commodity. For example they could trade a metal knife or pot for twenty bags of grain. In turn this gave them more to trade with further down the trade route. Because the Portuguese pretty much had complete control of these routes the rest of Europe was going to concentrate on figuring out what the hell was across that big blue ocean. The only problem that was created by this idea was that common doctrine was that the earth was flat and you would just sail off the side and into space. This resulted in not having to many volunteers in making the voyage. However a few did such as Columbus, Cortes and Pizzaro. It was these voyages that triggered the greatest discovery in the history of man, America. From the bottom of South America to the cold waters of Canada and Alaska trade routes were everywhere. This led to the migration of Europeans to America. Everything from power to immense wealth was created from the discovery of America, but the only ones getting long end of the stick were the Europeans.Now that Europe had a lot...

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