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Extent To Which The United States Is Affected

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This ADIZ, however, also included a rock claimed by South Korea, but both sides remained on friendly terms. On the other hand, South Korean President Park and the Japanese Prime Minister Abe have become bitter over their island territorial disputes. Exacerbating the tensions, Prime Minister Abe visited the Yasukuni shrine, where war criminals are immortalized. Prior to his visits to the shrine, Prime Minister Abe had sent representatives to the shrine to pay homage, still China and South Korea gave him no credit for his attempted gestures.
Presently, South Korea has shown little desire to “balance” against China, and to some extent has tried to expand its relations with China. In this ...view middle of the document...

By 2011, China and North Korea reached nearly $6 billion in bilateral trade. This is largely because China sees reunification of Korea as detrimental to its long-term strategic interest. Hyon Joo Yoo writes that North Korea, despite its constant famine and a sluggish economy, has not collapsed because of China’s unwillingness to stop supplying North Korea with food and energy. Many of these conference surfaced in 2009 and 2010.
Yet North Korea managed to disrupted the Six Party Talks when it tested nuclear missiles in July of 2009. Tensions rose again in March of 2010, when North Korea sank the South Korean ship Cheonan, where 46 servicemen died. Soon after, a South Korean investigation showed that a torpedo fired by a North Korean submarine caused the explosion. The international community was quick to condemn North Korea, but China remained extremely cautious not to condemn North Korea. While China believed it was acting in a neutral manner, South Korea saw this as showing strong support for the North Korean Regime. In the midst of this tension, China met with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-il, without notifying South Korea’s president, who had visited China just days before to discuss the incident. The United States backed South Korea, and in an attempt to demonstrate its strong alliance solidarity, by moving ahead with plans for “high-profile joint military exercises.” China was also reluctant to restart the Six Party Talks because it feared that talks would further fuel North Korea’s unpredictable behavior, and ultimately strengthen US influence in the that theatre. Seeing this, China heavily criticized the US-South Korean naval exercises and became unhappy with the excises so close to its coast....

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