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Bengal tigers are very beautiful majestic animals. So, could you imagine life without them? They are native to most of Asia deep in the rainforests. They are being hunted to be made into rugs, and are losing their habitat due to deforestation. Can anything be done about this?

”The Bengal tiger (also known as the Royal Bengal tiger) or (Pentera tigris tigris), is the national animal of Bangladesh, and is considered to be the second largest tigers in the world.” [Bengal] Tigers give birth to litters of two to about six cubs. The males usually do not help with the raising, but they can. Cubs will not start hunting until they are at least 18 months old. They will stay with their mother for at ...view middle of the document...

Deforestation is a very big factor for endangering tigers. Their habitats are being logged, shortened due to growing populations, and growing farm lands.

Tiger skins are in high demand across the world as luxury items. They use just about every part of the tiger. For example: they use the blood, brain, claws, gallstones, stomach, whiskers, and teeth for different varieties of medicine. People in China believe that tiger meat and bones have medical elements. They use the fur for rugs, and clothing. “Illegal trade of tiger parts yields more than $6 billion annually.”[What] If people stop buying products made of tigers, could we save them?

Tiger’s prey is also being hunted, making tigers food supplies go down. Tigers usually eat deer and wild pigs. Shortages of wild prey lead tigers to hunt livestock. “Livestock owners will often kill tigers to protect their animals, causing an increase in human-tiger conflict.” [What]

There are many different foundations for tigers, for example; “The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) responded in 1972 with Operation Tiger, a global program to fund conservation efforts for the tiger in the Indian subcontinent, Indochina, and Indonesia.” [Tiger] The WWF established protection laws such as, banning the hunting of tigers, and creating new areas for protection. In 1973, a foundation called Tiger Task Force...

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