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Extra Points Are Good: Super Bowl Sponsoring

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Movies, billboards, and television, it seems everywhere we look people are trying to sell us something. Advertising drives whole markets. Without it, there would be a gaping void in the American way. The Super Bowl is one of the most American events in our culture today. It is a day many wait for year-round. It involves culture, emotion, sport, and most importantly money. This money is what drives the Super Bowl, and this is why industry wants the Super Bowl to get as big as possible. The Super Bowl is the best time of the year to advertise, and the money is well worth the rewards that this exposure brings.To many people the Super Bowl is better than Christmas. It has the perfect mix of culture, sport, and comradery. It is a day when no work needs to be done, and this unofficial holiday closes stores and businesses across the country. Advertisers pay top dollar to get their ads to be a part of this cultural phenomenon. This provokes the question of the actual importance of the advertisements in this, nearly three hours of television programming. Is it really worth all the money? Does Super Bowl advertising merit all the hype?A hard working man has just gotten off work for the night and wants to impress his wife with a nice home-cooked meal. With white walls and a classy attire you would assume that the commercial will be for an expensive and classy product, but it is not. It seems to target older crowds, of a higher class. He walks into his apartment, to find his white cat at the door greeting him. His apartment consists of mostly white walls and expensive furniture. He then proceeds to put fresh flowers on the table and cook homemade spaghetti, while cutting fresh basil. The white cat enters the commercial again, and with it brings a feeling of class and sophistication. The cat proceeds to get up on the counter and tip over the spaghetti. While this is happening the wife has arrived outside the door, and walks in. When she walks in she can't believe what she has found her husband with a knife in hand, and is holding the cat by the back of the neck, with the red spaghetti on the ground. This helped create the allusion that the husband was intending to harm the cat. The wife is horrified and the commercial quickly jumps to a quote that says, "Don't judge too quickly, . . .we won't."(ifilm, 1). This ending is such a twist, that it took me off guard. I did not even think for a second that this commercial could be a comedy. This had such a dramatic effect that it was nearly impossible to forget. Ameriquest took a risk that cost them $2.4 million and it payed off (Vranica, 6b). These Super Bowl commercials can make or break a product campaign. Ameriquest achieved their goal without children, celebrities, and the usual ingredients which make commercials great (ifilm 2) .The Super Bowl is such an important cultural phenomenon due to the fact that it lets adults have a holiday, much like Christmas to children, letting grown men act like little school...

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