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Extraordinary Cooking In Chemistry A Summary Of The Novel: “What’s Cooking In Chemistry?”

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In the book, “What’s cooking in Chemistry,” the author states with a powerful standpoint that many ways of chemistry is involved in the kitchen to help chefs and other people succeed in whatever they feel best to require on their path of success. After all everything in this entire world is made of atoms. This includes everything including food, humans, plants, the atmosphere and the ultraviolet rays that constantly attempt to penetrate the protection of the clouds in the air. Published in 2009, the authors; Hubertus P. Bell, Tim Feuerstein, Carlos E. Guntner, Soren Holsken, and J. Klaas Lohmann manage to organize the book in a format where they insert the person who described the ...view middle of the document...

A great example of this is switching the world’s power source to renewable energy, because it would help the world build a never ending cycle of clean energy that cannot be obliterated even if the sun were to burn out. As of now, we are depending on nonrenewable energy sources such as coal, natural gas and other sources that would take millions of years to renew. Although the world knows that money is a significant factor of life, contributing a little bit of it to building a renewable energy source by aiding students in optimizing their capability in chemistry.
An efficient way of doing this is by teaching them chemistry through a form everybody has a passion for; FOOD! Although it looks like I have been sidetracked from telling the book report, the previous paragraph was to increase the rising action leading to the main idea of the story. The author states that his goal is to help people in the kitchen open their eyes to chemistry because maybe it’s a little chemistry that is messing up your recipes.
A great way to present chemistry to your children is by giving them a bottle of soft drink and explain to them how it was made. Start by explaining the amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) and how it was produced, because carbon dioxide is a significant cycle of the nitrogen cycle. In life and society, the...

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