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Imagine that out of the infinite stars and planets in the vast universe, only one solitary planet can sustain life. Heavily disputed arguments have arisen about whether humans are the sole intelligent beings in the universe. Scientists continuously search for the answer, but the search has not as yet yielded positive results. Billions of dollars have been spent in research, causing controversy about whether scientists should invest in the hunt for extraterrestrial beings. Due to inadequate technology, humans cannot currently identify whether extraterrestrial life exists, leading to arguments that scientists should refrain from searching for them.
Findings on Earth and other planets suggest extraterrestrial life could live in outer space, further encouraging scientists to proceed with their research. Discovering water is a great step for finding habitable planets. According to new studies, “Mars had a shallow pool of briny water on its surface long ago, NASA said in announcing what could be the strongest evidence yet that the now-dry Red Planet was once hospitable to life. ‘If we are correct in our interpretation, this was a habitable environment,’ Mr. Squyres said. These are the kinds of environments that are very suitable for life” (Bridges). Little evidence proves beings live on Mars now, but this dried up water source provides strong proof that Mars could have inhabited life in the past. Water is a key element of survival, and can also house marine life. Marine life could have simply died out when the water dried up. If Mars was truly inhabited by extraterrestrials long ago, then scientists cannot rule out living beings on any other planet in the universe, and must continue searching. Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons houses an area with an environment similar to the Earth’s. An ocean about 95 kilometers deep lies on the moon under a dense shield of ice. The ocean may have three times more salt water than the seas on Earth. Chemical nutrients may spill out from potential hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the ocean. Eyeless shrimp, tube worms and other peculiar beings are found in such areas on Earth (Fecht). Since odd creatures are found in environments similar to Europa’s on Earth, then life can possibly survive on the moon. Experts cannot rule out life under the ice on Europa, because of the similarities to the Earth’s environment. Therefore, they must carry on researching. Even though finding similar environments to inhabitable areas on the Earth is helpful, it may hold little importance when discovering life. Open University’s Preston says, “Most of the environments we used to think were sterile are proving to have life. Every time we think we've found somewhere on Earth that life can't survive in, we go and find a part of life that can” (Fecht). This could be true on other planets as well, so scientists do not have to look for planets with similar environments to Earth. Aliens may have adapted to a different environment than Earth’s....

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